Super Snow Full Moon

2019 began with the blood wolf moon which marked the opening of spiritual gates between dimensions.  Following this major lunar event we were hit with unbelievable cold in the form of a polar vortex that changed U.S. history.  The second super-moon of 2019 is scheduled for Tuesday, February 19, 2019 and it is going to bring major changes into our planetary consciousness as humans are forced to face their true purpose in life.

How will this Moon Affect Me?

This super-moon is known as a “snow moon” and a “hunger moon” by some Native American tribes for a specific reason.  Its energy brings cold, hard change to our planetary consciousness.  This moon packs a powerful punch of energy as it is taking place in Virgo at the start of Pisces.  This timing causes humans to search for a deeper meaning in life.  Since we have been living in a very shallow time period, this marks a major event in consciousness.  

It brings a mature re-evaluation to your inner consciousness to ensure that you are living your divine purpose.  This process will assist in ego and soul alignment because Venus (which represents what we desire and love) is located between Saturn and Pluto at this time.  This will cause us to take a deeper look at what we need to get rid of in our lives, what we should keep, and what we need to change.

Although we have not planned a group activity, Ausar and I are performing an intercessory ritual for ourselves and for members of the Golden Race.  If you have a specific request and would like us to intercede on your behalf, we ask that you respond to the email that we are sending out on February 19, 2019.  

When is the Next Supermoon?

This is the second super-moon of 2019.  Most years only have two supermoons, however, 2019 has three in a row!  The next one is scheduled for March 21, the day after the start of the Spring solstice.  

This will truly be a year of unique change.    


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