The Zombie Apocalypse Video Update

This video is a personal favorite of ours as we have linked many of the events that are now occurring in our current reality into a full comprehensive video that EVERYONE can clearly understand.  The world that we incarnated into is changing at an alarming rate.  In the very near future,  a major change will occur in this reality.  Without right knowledge and understanding, many will perish. Time is truly of the essence. Now is the time for you to learn what is really going on and how to protect yourself from the coming apocalypse. 
Originally we planned to upload this video to YouTube, however, after viewing the completed project, we are 100% sure that it will be banned and we will get another channel strike as this information will be shunned by the Establishment and mankind at large.  To prevent this from occurring, we are hosting it in our community theater.  You can either purchase a one-time non-member pass or become a member.  
We had to cut our Zombie video into a 2 part video series due to the length.  Part 1 will play in the theater next week beginning Sunday, March 17-23, 2019.  Part 2 will play the following week, Sunday, March 24-30, 2019.  Again, it is important that you understand that It will NEVER play on YouTube or Facebook due to the explicit content.  

You won’t find the information contained in this video ANYWHERE else.  If you know of anyone who really wanted to see it, direct them to the theater to purchase a one-time pass.

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  1. I would like to see this. Will this be playing again anytime soon?

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