Elevating From a Poverty to a Prosperous Mindset

I spent most of my younger years being a cheapskate, unwilling to invest money to get higher quality items.  It wasn’t until I met and married Ausar, that he taught me to value myself enough to invest in more expensive products.  Initially, I believed all things were created equal, and greedy people just placed a higher price tag on the same item to make more money, however as I matured, I soon discovered how wrong I was.  There is a valid reason why the same items have different price tags and why I had to invest in higher quality items if I wanted to have a better life experience. 

Saving was in my blood, as I had very little support from family members and friends.  Since I was a teenager, I had to finance everything I got, from my first car to my wedding, nothing was ever given to me.  Therefore, I unintentionally developed a poverty mindset where I desired to always find a bargain or a cheaper item to make the little money I had stretch.  When I met Ausar, he too had to finance his own lifestyle, however he always valued higher quality items believing the energy of having nicer things would attract more to him.  It took me years to over-stand what he meant, and as usual, he was correct.

The other day, I was sitting at a cheap bargain laptop that I had proudly paid $300 for complaining about how long it took to process my work.  The next day, Ausar called me and told me there was a high-end laptop on sale that I should purchase.  Initially, my old poverty mindset popped up whispering in my inner ear, “Girl, don’t do it, save your money.”  I pushed her aside realizing I deserved a high-performance device and invested in it, and I am so glad I did.  From the time I opened the box, I noticed the difference in craftsmanship.  It functions at such a high speed, that it cut my time down to ¼ of what I usually spent working on projects.  It was worth every dime!

I know I am not alone in conquering the poverty mindset as I see the same attitude in many people who cross my path.  Subscribers and website visitors have complained about our prices demanding we offer everything for free.  They want to get as much out of us for as little as possible because they feel they can gain the same level of knowledge from YouTube or other social media sites.  Just as I have learned, they too will soon discover, all things are NOT created equal.  You get what you are willing to pay for.  Comparing The Golden Race to a person philosophizing in his/her bedroom is like comparing a public school to an elite private institution, you will NOT get the same level of education.

The reason a higher price tag is placed on items that have better quality is because of the amount of energy you can harness from the product.  Everything is energy, moving at different rates of speed.  Money is also energy, that’s why it is called currency.   The more energy you transfer, the more energy you will receive in return.  Those who are unwilling to invest in themselves must understand you will receive what you have given and nothing more.  This is a universal law that all beings are subject to.  To invoke spirits to work on your behalf, we must give offerings to maintain an equal exchange of energy.   

There is a show I watched the other day called, “Extreme Cheapskates.” On one episode, there was a young man who wanted to be a wrestler which is a profession that would pay him a substantial amount of money; however, he was unwilling to invest in a proper wardrobe.  He used tape to wrap his wrestling boots instead of investing in shoestrings.  When his big opportunity came to audition for a major team, he allowed his poverty mindset to ruin his opportunity.   One wrestler who scolded him during his interview about his cheap ways told him they were unwilling to invest in someone who did not invest in himself.     

Having a cheap mindset will leave you in a state of stagnation.  A closed hand won’t lose anything; however, it also cannot receive.  When you invest in better quality items, you raise your energetic level.  As your level increases, you will attract more positive life experiences.  The lower your level, the more negative experiences you will have.  So, if you want a better quality of life, purchase the highest quality items you can afford to put your mind in higher energy.  By raising your mindset, you will attract more opportunities to you.

If you want to be a spiritual giant, you must invest in spiritual training.  Unlike many metaphysical people you have found on the internet, we are connected to Spirit.  We are reincarnated ancient souls who have divine knowledge you won’t find anywhere else.  Instead of just reading secondhand books, we have experienced many mystical events and are receiving divine knowledge to share with specific people who are willing to invest in their spiritual growth and development.  Yes, we offer some free services such as the blog, podcasts, and our YouTube channel, however, deeper knowledge has NEVER been free.  It requires an investment; an equal exchange of energy just like everything else in the material world.  If you desire a deeper spiritual experience, we encourage you to invest in a membership.

We received a message from a former member on YouTube stating she missed being a member due to losing her job.  So, we have decided to give current and new members the option to prepay for the entire year upfront.  This will safeguard your membership in case your financial situation changes during the year.  We know that the poverty mindset will still prevail in many who are trapped in root chakra thinking, however, those who desire to excel spiritually will be motivated to cast down the poverty mindset so they can get access to the tools needed to transform their lives into one of prosperity. 

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  1. I agree 100%! You tend to place more value in those things that you pay for! Free is good sometimes but worth its weight in gold!

  2. I agree 100%! You tend to place more value in those things that you pay for! Free is good sometimes but “knowledge” worth its weight in gold!

  3. naturalbeautytt Avatar

    Hiiiii Family…..🥰👑🥰✊🏽👑 you guys are the truth please don’t stop no matter what it seems I’m staying close to you all
    This is no joke to me
    I’ve been teaching myself from conversation working in a barber / Salon for many years I don’t do tv over 20yrs I love couples forever was hey have the keys an Soo much more ..

    1. We won’t and can’t stop…NO LIMIT soldiers live here. 😉 Thanks for reading and commenting.

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