Self-Confidence Boosting

Your self-image is based on the thoughts you think about yourself. Recall the time that you initially enjoyed an activity until someone else commented on how terrible the event was? Or the time you worked hard to get a promotion and someone else made a negative comment about your work performance? How about that time you were determined to lose weight, and a naysayer appeared telling you how it was impossible to do so?  All of these situations stemmed from a pessimistic spirit whose goal was to destroy the positive spirit in you that says “you can.”
Self-confidence and positive thinking go hand in hand.  Thinking positively about yourself and acknowledging all your positive attributes convinces your subconscious mind that you have the power to make things happen in your life.
Positive thinking is more than just hoping for something that is unachievable.  The key to boosting your self-confidence and positive outlook is to set realistic goals that you can reach for while not delimiting your capacities.
Most people set a goal that has been over calculated and attempt to achieve things beyond their present capability.  This encourages them to work double time.  When they fail to reach the goal, both their and the spectators’ expectations are discouraged, and they are often reluctant to try again.
Initially we should set achievable goals rather than confidence boosting-unrealistic goals that will eventually leave us disappointed.
Self-confidence is largely controlled by the hormonal balance in our body.  Therefore, your mood may be altered through stimulation practices.  You can consciously recall a vivid memory of having been able to achieve something successfully and utilize it to manipulate your emotions.  You can also recall a moment when you really felt good about yourself.  Learning to control your mood and emotions can contribute to your overall self-confidence.
At one point of our lives, we all have been our own critics. Undue criticisms make us vulnerable to negative thoughts and affect our overall personal perspectives.
Have you noticed how we criticize ourselves without even realizing that we never project those same negative thoughts on other people?   If you pay attention to your mental chatter, you will discover that you are harsher on yourself than you consciously realize.  With every negative input you receive from your inner critic, your ego is left upset and losses confidence.  You are self-sabotaging your own esteem with these few unjust thoughts that you rarely need.
Using these negative sweeping statements are the very thing that will ultimately destroy your positive self-image if they are left unchecked.  Only positive thoughts about yourself will improve your self-confidence.
In the end, destruction comes from within us.  Other people may argue that we are affected by external pessimism.  Although this true to an extent, this will only affect us if we allow these negative thoughts to enter our subconscious minds.  Therefore, your greatest line of defense is to create barriers from all negative input while strengthening positive foundations. 
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