• Join the 30-Day Vegan Challenge

    Join the 30-Day Vegan Challenge

    As the cost of eggs and meat are skyrocketing, more people are considering adopting a vegan lifestyle.  The financial savings coupled with the many health benefits makes this a win-win situation. Initially, people adopted a vegan lifestyle to save animals from harsh treatment in our commercial slaughterhouses.  Upon doing so, they noticed positive changes in […] Read more

  • God is a Narcissist

    God is a Narcissist

    I remember asking myself, “How can she act so horribly and claim to be a Christian?  Isn’t her god loving and kind?”  Like most Christians, my mother read the bible ALL the time, paid her tithes and offerings, and prided herself in her faith in God.  In fact, I often woke up to the sound […] Read more

  • Narcissism is Incurable

    Narcissism is Incurable

    As mentioned in a previous article, narcissism is NOT a mental issue, it is a spiritual one.  A disagreeable spirit powers people who are dealing with malignant narcissism.  The only way you can “cure” a demonic spirit is by exposing it and casting it out! Mental health practitioners will tell you counseling does NOT work […] Read more

  • Take this Quiz to Find Out if Your Mother is a Narcissist

    Take this Quiz to Find Out if Your Mother is a Narcissist

    Watching my video about narcissistic mothers may have struck a chord with you, leaving you wondering if your mother is a narcissist. Although many people have narcissistic traits, they may not be a true narcissist. Take this quick assessment to find out. Directions: Count how many of these traits your mother has, then read the […] Read more

  • The Parasitic Spirit of a Narcissist

    The Parasitic Spirit of a Narcissist

    Today, the Narcissist ranks number one as the most familiar mental health diagnosis as more people are discovering they were raised, dated, married, or had sibling rivalries with one.  Their traits are well known and online discussions centering around their malicious activities fill up blog posts and chat rooms.  Yet, the most important fact that […] Read more

  • Dissolving the Inner Sanctum

    Dissolving the Inner Sanctum

    When I first created this group, it was with the intention of assisting members of the divine bloodlines with their spiritual growth and development.  Knowing our planet is undergoing her own spiritual evolution, I wanted to make a haven for light workers who are awakening and experiencing things they could not comprehend.    Read more

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