Ancient Fragrance Healing Remedies

Have you ever smelled an aroma, and it immediately recalled a memory that was lodged deep in your subconscious mind?  Well, you are not alone, scents have a powerful effect on all our lives. Just a hint of an aroma can make you crave food even if you’ve just eaten.  But did you also know it can be the pathway to encourage health and healing?
Many cultures have used the sense of smell to heal for centuries. They understood the relationship between our olfactory glands, various scents, and how they could unify the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.
Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine which uses naturally extracted aromatic oils from plants.  The mood-altering effects of aromatherapy has been experienced by many who have used this discipline.  Our olfactory systems primary pathway involves the amygdala part of the limbic system and is linked to our emotions and memories. This is why scent invokes powerful feelings.
Our ancestors knew that the mind and body are in constant concert with one another.  Therefore, if one’s state of mind is uplifted with the use of aromatherapy, our body would respond likewise by shifting its focus towards improved functioning, too.
It is way past time we go back to our roots and rediscover the effects of time-tested techniques such as the use of aroma as a complement for healthy living.  We have created an at-home short study course for those who are interested in learning aromatherapy.  
This course covers the follow topics:
The History of Aromatherapy
Why and How it works
Essential oils-dangerous and helpful ones
How to create your own oils
Medicinal uses of essential oils to heal
There is NO enrollment fee, and NO application needed!  If you could use extra help to improve your overall well-being, the aromatic path is for you.
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