Returning to the Ancient Way

Reconnecting with your ancestral energies are of the utmost importance.  Regardless of what path your spirit guides lead you to, the goal is the same; your spiritual awakening.  Frowning on your ancestors’ spiritual beliefs based on the bias view of your oppressors, will soon prove to be a terrible mistake as the spirit and physical worlds collide. 
The few untouched indigenous cultures that still exist today, gives us a glimpse of our ancestral quest for a deeper understanding of the earth and the spirit world.  When most people think of rituals, they immediately associate them with pagan practices that are no longer accepted in our society.  They brush them off as irrational, superstitious, primitive acts.  Our government sanctioned churches have completely rejected our ancestral traditions, threatening anyone who dares to engage in these activities with eternal hellfire.  

The true purpose of understanding and journeying towards spiritual awakening have been forgotten by the progeny of the true indigenous planetary inhabitants.  This is unfortunate as our ancestors’ mastery of the spirit world was second to none!  Our ancient Mystery Schools, which flourished globally, were dedicated to discovering and exploring the mysteries of life thus touching all aspects of spirituality.
Our ancestors discovered universal tones and created special chants that were performed at midnight in different locations such as sacred lakes and in the secret chamber below the Great Sphinx.  This chanting stimulated a part of the brain that opened the mind to universal consciousness.  This direct link unleashed pent up psychic gifts and abilities.  Once reconnected, the initiate was given many gifts such as intuition, creativity, clairvoyant abilities, and emphatic abilities.
Our ancestors recognized the end of the year as the time of reckoning, reflection, and engendering towards spiritual enlightenment.  Mother Worship started with a meditation ritual which strengthened the understanding and devotion of the participants.  Meditation would also draw wisdom and health to those who took part in the ritual. 
Homa is an Indian ancient fire ritual which is performed with the purpose of helping with your personal relationships, finding a partner, conceiving children, and removing bad karma or negative aspects in your horoscope. 
In Buddhist and Hindu traditions, tantra is used to express and advance spirituality.  “Tantra” means web and enlightenment and are rituals that maintain your spiritual core.  These ancient rituals are used in India to attain spiritual enlightenment and advancement.  Today, Tantra has evolved into a sexual/spiritual phenomenon.  Due to mankind’s ignorance of the true purpose of Tantra, our ancient rituals are now used for sexual perversion and have been scattered among pornography and prostitution rings.  However, as ancient energy returns to our reality, this misuse will be corrected.  
In Tibet, the making of thangkas paintings leads to peacefulness, patience, perseverance, concentration, self-development and spiritual enlightenment. As early as the 1stcentury, thangkas paintings which are similar to the art of Pattachitra, has been used in India.  

To assist you in returning to the ancient way, we have created a Mystery School.  Its purpose is to align you with nature, activate your energy centers, and to reconnect you with your spirit guides so they can facilitate your cosmic activation.  We present ancient hidden knowledge that has been long forgotten by many colonized humans.  

Following a pre-designed religion will never allow you to fully attain your individual spiritual goals because everyone is on a different spiritual level and have unique gifts and abilities.  Your spiritual awakening is an individual journey.  Allow our school to assist you in realigning your consciousness with the spiritual aspect of our reality.    

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