Spirits Speak

Spirit interaction is at an all-time high as the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thinning.  People worldwide are seeing shadowy figures out of their peripheral vision, flashes of light in their inner eyes, and are hearing strange noises in their homes.  Intuitive thoughts are entering the minds of both young and old as spirits are imparting advice directly into their consciousness.  As our reality is shifting back to its illuminated state, it is important that you learn how to hear from the spirits.
 Not all Spirits are the Same
There are many spirits that compose our reality.  From the trapped souls to the higher vibratory energies who are often referred to as angels, our world is full of life.  Everything on this planet has a spirit force within it, however during the dark ages where consciousness was shunned while submission and obedience was the norm, the interaction all but vanished in western societies.  When spirits attempted to make their presence known, the religious leaders viewed them as demonic and quickly removed them.  This ideology made fear soar in the hearts and minds of the religious followers. 
The planetary frequency change is allowing more to interact with these energies and as a result, life is becoming more enjoyable for some and a living hell for others.  Those who are raising their vibration and are getting right knowledge and over-standing, are reuniting with ancestral energies and spirit guides who have silently watched over them since birth.  Those who have karmic debt or who are filled with fear and ignorance are being tormented.  Their mental anguish is causing a spike in unprecedented amounts of suicides and mass shootings.
How Spirits Communicate
Some of us are born open to the spirit world and never lose this ability throughout life.  Others are disconnected from the spirit world as they age and often forget they are never alone.  Learning how spirits relay messages to you can save you from a world of pain.  Below are several ways spirits have communicated with me.  
 Through Electrical Devices: Spirits and humans are both electromagnetic, the only difference is the rate at which we vibrate.  Spirits vibrate faster therefore they can affect electrical devices and often do so to communicate with the living.  They often relay messages through radios, televisions, and internet.  For example, often while I am driving or riding in a car, I may ask a question in my mind and a song will play on the radio that gives me the answer to my question or reassures me.  Another time I was writing an email to someone and my spirit guide warned me not to include a specific paragraph.  I ignored her advice, and she literally highlighted the paragraph and deleted it while I had removed my hands from the keyboard.   
 They can also communicate through other people.  Strangers often come and give me insight or advice about something I am thinking about.  This is why the scripture said, “Be careful lest you entertain and angel unaware.”  Angels are spirit forces and yes, they can inhabit people if needed. 
   In dreams and visions – When I dream at night, my soul is free to travel into other dimensions.  Many of these dimensions are inhabited by spirit forces.  These spirits communicate with me while I am in their domain.  They often give me information to share with the living.  For example, I had a dream about my high school friend’s mother.  She gave me an important message to share with her daughter who I had not seen in a decade.  I told her I had no way of contacting her daughter since I had long forgotten her contact information, and she gave me her telephone number.  When I woke up the next morning, I called the number and my friend’s father answered the phone.  Upon speaking with my friend, she told me that her mother had died.  I already knew this because when I spoke to her mother on the other side, she had previously relayed this information to me.
   Telepathy is the most common way spirits communicate with me.  They give me intuitive advice in my inner ear.  Since my crown chakra was activated, I have become open to the spirit world and I often have conversations with spirits directly in my mind.  This ability is depicted on the cartoon “Dragon Ball Z” with the characters on different planets who can communicate telepathically.
          Protecting Yourself from Negative Spirits
The spirit world is similar to the physical world as both negative and positive energies exist.  Not all spirits are positive.  Dealing with negative spirits can have a detrimental effect which often ends in premature death.   To ensure that you negate the negative spirits and attract only positive spirits I highly recommend you strengthen your auric field and gain over-standing.  You can strengthen your aura by eating a proper diet, sunbathing, using crystal therapy, and by obtaining right knowledge.  To ensure everyone can do this, we highly recommend our 4-week spiritual protection course.  In this course you will learn:
       What happens after death
       Why spirits attach to humans
       How they attach to humans
       About chakras which and your aura
       Spiritual Protection Techniques
       Connect with your spirit guides
       And much more!!!
A Final Word of Advice
Don’t fear spirit interaction as it is a wonderful experience I highly recommend for all members of the Golden Race.  The new energy that is filling our reality is feminine and is highly spiritual in nature.  Spiritual advice can keep you out of harm’s way.  Sometimes I may have a bad “feeling” or a good “feeling” about doing something.  When I follow this feeling, it is always correct.  These gut feelings are the way spirit communicates with everyone.    

Spirit communication is your divine birthright.  Your ancestors and spirit guides are yearning to interact with you.  Personally, I love my spirits that are encamped around me as my life has become much more interesting and magical.  

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  1. I have been seeing shadows in side of my eyes and when I turn to see theres noting is there

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  3. We offer a 4 week short course on spirit protection. We go over exactly what they are and how they attach to humans. Check it out.

  4. Many people are because our dimensions are merging.

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