Lady O’s Trip to the Olmec/Mayan Ruins

Last year, we planned our 2019 Cosmic Family Reunion that was scheduled to begin on April 29, 2019.  It was a five-night cruise voyage to visit the Olmec/Mayan Pyramids in Mexico.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel our cosmic adventure due to a lack of member participation.  Fortunately, one of our members decided to still go visit our ancestral lands with her son.  They had a wonderful time, and I would like the entire cosmic family to hear about their excursion. 
“Thank you for making the cruise possible. I never would have taken the initiative and being that it was already booked, I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity. 
Hilariously, the tour guide made mention of him being a descendant of the Mayans. What a crock! This provided a learning opportunity for my son because as I repeated to him as I have said in the past, at one time, there were no pale people. We are the original. The land is ours. 
It was an honor to walk in the footsteps of our ancestors and as we walked through the ruins, we asked them that all our lands be restored back to their rightful owners. 
I can’t wait until we, as The Golden Race, come together as a collective and call upon the ancestral spirits and wreak havoc on our oppressors. I know they’re waiting on us. 
I guess what I really want everyone to know is that the power is within us. We have to go back to the old way, just like you said. 
I’ve been wearing my feathers and headband since October of last year. Some people salute me, some people compliment me and others simply stare. But they can never again take away my culture.”

Olivia AKA Lady O
We are planning another Cosmic Family reunion for 2020.  To ensure more of our members will participate, we have decided to host it in the Continental United States.  This event will begin on a Friday and End on a Sunday.  We created a short questionnaire we would like everyone who is interested in participating to complete.  We will do our best to honor as many requests as possible to ensure more people can attend. 
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