Your Personal Holy Trinity

Over the years, we have noticed how most people respond in mass to rituals, spells, and metaphysical topics, yet we get little to no response when we post videos and activities that deal with diet, exercise, and natural health remedies.  Spirit has revealed to us that this low level of response is due to the mental disconnect between the physical and spiritual bodies.  When most people think about spirituality, they envision meditation, yoga, deities, rituals, etc… They are oblivious of the link between the physical body, the mind, and their overall spiritual experiences.  Negating the body and mind and only focusing on the soul will leave you in an imbalanced state.

The body, mind, and soul all work together to create the complete person.  The three should be treated as the holy trinity on the micro-level.  When you have pain in the body, it puts a strain on your mental faculties.  It is hard to manifest your desires when your basic needs are not being met.  Finding balance in all three areas is the only way to reach mastery in this lifetime.  Unfortunately, most are ignorant of this and have been taught to believe that their physical body is irrelevant since they will get a new one soon.  This toxic mindset has led to an unprecedented number of diseases and deaths within our communities.  

Prior to the major religions, all of humanity knew that it was important to keep the body in optimum health.  In fact, diet restriction and physical activities were part of the spiritual practices.  When you are disease free and everything is functioning properly, your mind is free to focus on higher thoughts.  You will experience successful meditation sessions that will open you up to higher dimensions.  Unfortunately, the planetary controllers are aware of this, and have put toxic food, poison drinks, air pollution, and stressful living situations in place to slow down your spiritual development. 

This week, we will begin a lifelong journey that can free you from the bonds of ignorance that has trapped so many of our people.  We will work on repairing our bodies by feeding it organic juices and super-foods that are packed with vitamins and minerals that can cleanse your temple.   Restricting your diet will also increase your mind power as you resist the temptation to consume toxic foods and beverages.  We will also do physical exercises to remove toxins, strengthen and tone your muscles, and put your physical body on the path to achieving optimum health. 

We will work with the ancient energy of the Goddess Hathor during our 72-hour group ritual.  This activity will benefit both the mind and the soul.  We will combine our energies with hers to create the reality we all desire, thus affecting our reality with our mind power.  

Finally, our souls will begin the healing process as we travel within our own pasts to meet the missing aspects of ourselves during our soul retrieval meditation.  This activity will yield amazing results as it is amplified during the power of the full flower moon.  Working with nature to heal your soul is the beginning of something great!  We would like all who participate to begin to incorporate these activities into your own spiritual practices on a regular basis.  Use this activity as a launching pad to propel you to heights you have only dreamed possible.  

We will do this group activity quarterly to ensure we are all addressing the issues that can affect our minds, bodies, and souls.  We will post the overview video in our 72-hour Detox group on Tuesday, two days prior to the event to ensure you are familiar with all the activities.  

We expect amazing results!!
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