Don’t Cast Your Pearls Among Swine

I would often tease Ausar calling him Rev. Ike because he always charged for everything he did.  I was the one who loved giving until it hurt and was often left feeling tired and drained.  I literally spent hours writing, editing, and posting articles and videos onto our blog and YouTube channel only to discover I was being surrounded by energy vampires who wanted to get as much knowledge as they could without monetarily supporting our organization at all.   

When I was a child my mother would often say “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?”  The context in which she used this statement was regarding premarital sex, however this statement is one that can apply to many areas of your life.  Giving too much of yourself while receiving little to nothing in return leaves you vulnerable to vampiric attacks.

When I first created our online blog, my intent was to recruit more members for our organization by sharing alternative ideas with our YouTube subscribers hoping to convert them into patron members.  After a 6-month evaluation, we determined it had an adverse effect on our current membership, as many of them cancelled their paid subscriptions and subscribed to the free blog only.  This taught me a valuable lesson about giving away my energy for free.   

From this point on, our services will be available for contributing members only.  I have already changed the links on the main website page so only our current members will have full access to the radio station, health center, and blog.  The time of me exhausting myself for non-paying unappreciative people is over!  I refuse to be a victim to vampiric energies any longer.  After battling with YouTube and trolls for the past two years, we will continue to only post full videos in our community theater.  Those who value our work and are willing to either become a paid member, purchase a copy, or a ticket will have access to the videos.  Those who do not will not.  We are at a critical time on this planet where we need to bubble and protect ourselves as much as we can from spiritual attack.  By doing this, I will ensure I am only surrounded by those who appreciate the work we do.

This weekend, we are hosting a Live Chat on energy vampires to ensure all our members learn how to avoid the trap I just fell into.  This week’s webinar has been pre-recorded, so the quality of the presentation is greater than the previous live chats we have done in the past.  I will post the link at noon on Saturday, June 22 in both MeWe groups.  We will be available to chat with our members from noon-1:30 pm EST through MeWe’s platform.  Once this is over, I will do a poll to determine which platform everyone enjoys more; MeWe or Free Conference call. 

From this point on, I will put all my energy into our current members only to ensure that you are all prepared for the upcoming global events.  Since you think highly enough of the Golden Race to invest monetarily, I want to make sure each of you get a spiritual return on your investment. 

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