Knowledge is Power

After countless flagged videos on YouTube and forceful removals outside of our control we decided to open our own in-house community theater. The purpose of this theater is to ensure we can effectively present powerful information to our people in a safe and secure environment. Although our YouTube channel is still up, it is used primarily for trailers and group updates. All of our full length videos are kept in- house for members and paying viewers only. To enhance the video playback experience, we have just made some major changes to our video hosting service.

Initially we purchased space on Google drive, but as expected, they attempted to stop our growth once again. We quickly figured out Google owns YouTube and Blogger, so the same bigoted treatment we received on YouTube quickly appeared on both their drive and on our blog. President Trump is taking an aggressive stance on their company, and trust me it is needed!

Why are They Targeting Us?

You would think that a billion dollar company would care less about a small startup conscious group, however they understand that knowledge is power. Since their ancestors have stolen all the natural resources and physical wealth of the world, hidden knowledge is the only thing of value that our people can obtain. These major corporations are owned by 33 degree masons who have systematically sat on knowledge to keep the uninitiated masses under their control. Our videos are packed with ancient knowledge that they DO NOT want the negro to know. Everything from our true planetary history to covert Establishment agendas like the “Body Snatching” video we released last week; we are constantly uncovering hidden truths that can set our people free from their control.

Although many members of our race do not presently cherish the information we are providing, as the planetary frequency rises, they will rise in consciousness and everything we are presenting will make sense to them. If this were not the case we would have no problems with Google. So many other “conscious” people have YouTube channels and are rarely if ever targeted like we have been.

Having an internet giant who owns many different companies can quickly become a problem when you are in their bulls eye for destruction. They attempted to sabotage our videos we paid to host on Google drive by taking hours to upload and format one video which averaged 30 minutes in length. They also had numerous playback issues on Chrome which is owned by Google. I am sure this was NOT a coincidence.

After becoming fed up with their unprofessional behavior, I decided to move all our videos for the Mystery School and the community theater to Dropbox because they upload faster and play as soon as the upload finishes. This is an excellent solution for video sales and for the Mystery School, however it was not satisfactory for the Theater because it takes a few extra steps to watch the video and the playback wasn’t as good as I expected.

So, I did more research and found the perfect solution for our community theater. We can now embed the video player directly onto our community theater web page and it can be played on any device and on any server!! The playback is great and we have more control over who can view, share, and download our videos. Our videos are now unsearchable on the internet and we are the only people who can access them. This solution is a win-win for us and the viewers who take the time to watch our videos on a weekly basis. For those of you who have experienced technical difficulties in our theater, we apologize and anticipate these problems being a thing of the past!

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