Crabs in a Bucket

When I was in ninth grade, I was drawn to the Junior ROTC program.  I liked the structure, discipline, and order that I saw in this military course because everything around me appeared to be very chaotic, so I enrolled.  I was a perfect fit, as things in my life finally began to make sense.  Those who worked hard achieved rank while those who did not stayed on the lower levels.  My hard work and dedication paid off, and I became the youngest cadet to become an officer in my first year of enrollment over juniors and seniors in my high school.  As a result, they gave me my own office and a fleet of students to manage.

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2 responses to “Crabs in a Bucket”

  1. This message was meant for me! I have been struggling with those I am “quote” trying to wake up! So I have been seeking knowledge on how to get people to wake up…then you posted this message. This is my answer from spirit! It’s not my place to awaken anyone. They will either get it or they won’t!
    Thank you for allowing spirit to use you both😍🤩

    1. You are welcome. Glad this message reached who it was meant for.

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