Ready, Set, Go….

When you know you will do a fast of any kind, it is important that you prepare your mind and body prior to the event.  Many years ago, when I first started juice fasting, I would over-indulge a couple of days prior to beginning my fast thinking I was filling up on my favorite foods and snacks I would miss out on for several days.  This is the worse thing I could have done as it often made it harder for me to stay the course once the fast officially began.   

Preparing Your Body for a Fast

When you are preparing for a fast, the best thing to do is to slowly cut your caloric intake for several days leading up to the start date.  For example, I begin by substituting meals with a smoothie.  I gradually wean myself off solid food so that by day one I am ready to go full throttle and successfully complete my fast.  If you are planning on joining us during our 7-day Chakra detox, I highly recommend you do the same. 

The first three days are always the hardest for most people because your body is used to consuming a certain number of calories each day based on your diet.  When you abruptly lower your caloric intake, your body will often have strong cravings until it realizes you are limiting your food intake.  It typically takes a 72-hour period before the body adjusts to your new caloric level and stop craving food as much as it did in the beginning. 

Another trick I use during a fast is to drink tea that contains Garcina Cambogia.  This fruit helps to curb my appetite, so I don’t have to deal with hunger pains.   Since I no longer yearn to eat, my body begins to quickly shed fat.  By eating less, I lower my cholesterol and blood sugar levels.   Ausar and I fast a lot throughout the year to rid our bodies of toxins and to keep our auras’ shining bright.  Since we incorporated the Garcinia Cambogia tea, it has become very easy to do.  

Benefits of consuming Garcina Cambogia

Increases your energy

Lowers Cholesterol

Helps with Depression

Reduces Stress

Reduces Blood Sugar

If you are joining us for our annual 7-Day Chakra Detox, we encourage you to cut your caloric intake at least 72 hours prior to the start date.  Also, stock up on the Garcinia Cambogia tea to make the first few days easier for you.  If you cannot find it locally, we sell it in our online store.  When you detoxify your body, you are resetting your immune system.  Strengthening your immune system is your only line of defense in our toxic world.  

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