Evolve or Die

The coronavirus has captured the attention of the world however; it is just one of the many familial viruses that have claimed the lives of thousands worldwide.  People are getting sick daily with what they have been told was the flu or pneumonia, however, there is much more to these sicknesses than meets the eye.  Our newest video entitled, “Evolve or Die” that scheduled to play in the community theater February 9-15, 2020 will expose the truth behind the vast number of deaths and the rapidly spreading viruses that will mutate or destroy humanity in the very near future.

China has quarantined cities in hopes of preventing the spread of this deadly virus, however, it is too late as this disease will not adhere to manmade borders.  This is evident in how rapidly it has spread to nearly every continent in just a couple of weeks.  No one is immune to these ancient viruses as they are infecting people of all races and ages.  Similar to the Osirian judgment scene, ALL will stand before the throne to be judged.  Only the righteous will make it through this evolutionary process to inherit the earth.

It is time that we reveal in detail what these viruses are, their true origins, their effects on your genetic code, and what you can do to successfully evolve so your immune system can work with them instead of turning on itself.  The media will NEVER present you with the whole story as they specialize in presenting “fake news” to calm the masses.  We will play this video in our community theater to ensure your members are consciously aware of what the universe has in store for humanity.  Not a member?  You can purchase a one-time pass on our website. 


We are at a critical time in our evolutionary process where most will perish and only a few will evolve.  If you desire to be one of the few who make it, I highly recommend you take the time to watch this video in its entirety.  You will not find this information on YouTube or any major platform.  The knowledge we are presenting is coming directly from ancient channeled sources to be shared with the chosen who are destined to evolve.

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