Tune into the Real Talk Podcasts

When we created the Golden Race radio station, it was with the sole purpose of reaching the masses.  Although we enjoy posting videos on social media sites, they are micromanaged and heavily censored resulting in forceful blocking and removal of our content.  The radio station gave us a platform to freely discuss issues that affects the Golden Race, however, it was hard to access, so we canceled it.  In place of the radio station, we have created Real Talk podcasts that are now on many major platforms.  If you enjoyed our videos and articles, you will love our podcasts!   

Cancelling the radio station was a decision we made primarily because of accessibility, listenership, and lack of participation.  The station played continuously 365 days per year 24 hours per day and content had to be uploaded regularly.  It took a lot of my personal time and effort to keep it operating for the past year.  After careful consideration, I decided the only content we should provide to the public at large is our Real Talk discussions in the form of podcasts.  I noticed most of our listeners were tuning in when our Real Talk episodes aired, so it made sense to only focus on our radio show instead of providing an entire radio station.

I am very pleased with the results of our Real Talk podcasts.  For me and many of our listeners, it is a win-win situation as it is easier for me to manage and for listeners to access.  Our listeners can now hear us on demand 365 days per year, 24 hours per day on various major platforms.  You can listen on iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Spotify, myTuner Radio, on our website, or through an RSS feed.  We also have links on our blog, in our online store, and in the community tab.  We are working on getting the show added to several other major platforms.  We will update everyone as it is added to additional sites.

 Although I thoroughly enjoyed having the radio station, it was not easily accessible for many potential listeners.  Our Real Talk podcasts can now reach millions of listeners who will enjoy the information we are presenting.   Shows can be shared on social media sites and via direct website links.  Many of these applications are already installed or can be installed on both android and apple devices.  If you have not tuned in to our podcasts, I highly recommend you do so and make sure you follow us, so you stay in the KNOW.

Our podcasts will include audio from many sources that most of our subscribers and members have never heard or may have forgotten.  Eventually, we will host live discussions where our listeners can call in and ask questions, so make sure you subscribe and follow.  These new platforms will help us reach our goal of assisting our listeners with their spiritual growth and development. 

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