Attack of the Flea Bags

Truth is often hidden in myths and fables.  In honor of Black History month, I will share an original Ausar N Auset tale that is filled with little-known history facts.  I encourage you to share this story with your children to find the jewels hidden within this story.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful mansion that was surrounded by acres of magnificent land.  The home was occupied by a loving family.  This family was full of love for one another.  They had a love for nature and ensured their land was treated with the utmost respect.  They treated all their animals with love and care as they were considered part of the family.  Everyone was well fed and had all their needs met.  This family had been on their land for thousands of years and never imagined life as they knew it would change. 

One day a group of dirty, rotten tooth, flea bag thieves stumbled upon this mansion that was in a secluded part of the woods.  Their poor minds could not grasp the beauty of what they saw.  The land was clean and disease free.  The mansion was well crafted, built to last a lifetime, and the family and animals appeared to be clean, carefree, and happy.  The children had an innate respect for their parents, and the grandparents were full of wisdom that they freely bestowed upon their children.    

The thieves went back to their shacks on the outskirts of the family’s property and talked amongst themselves about the splendor of what they had seen.  One drunken yuck mouth exclaimed, “That family doesn’t deserve to live like that.  Hell, I don’t live like that.  I say we surround them and take all they have.”  So, a few days later, the homeless uncultured group surrounded the family at night and waged war.  The family was sleep in their beds and had no idea of the hell that was about to befall them. 

They woke up to fires burning on their front lawn while bandits threw stones through their beautiful windows.  After a long battle, the family was overthrown, and the thieves took control of the property.  They murdered the grandparents, the father and mother, and kept the children and animals as slaves.  They brainwashed them to believe their family members were useless and they set themselves up as the standard.

After many decades, people forgot about the night the mansion was stolen from the real owners, and the descendants of the thieves were looked at in a positive light.  They got the best of everything as they setup rules for themselves.  They ate better food than the real owner’s descendants; they could stay up later and had nice comfortable rooms in the mansion.  The real descendants slept in tents in the woods their family once owned and did not remember what happened to them in the past.  They acted just as ruthless as the flea bag descendants, no longer caring about nature or one another.  In fact, many of them hated each other.

After many years, a wealthy family relative from another country came to visit the original family and was appalled when a stranger answered the door.  The people who now occupied the house were obviously not in his bloodline.  He left, pretending to have the wrong address, and immediately reported what he saw to the proper authorities. 

Over the years, the two bloodlines, the flea bags and the rightful owners, had been intermixing, so it was hard for the authorities to tell who was who as some mixed-raced people were living in the home.  Law enforcement decided to strategically watch the property in preparation of taking it back from the thieves.  They got intel to figure out who was in the flea bag bloodline so they would forcefully remove the right individuals.  After about a year, they surrounded the property and removed the descendants of the thieves. 

Once the thieves were removed, they reintroduced the original descendants to their family members who lived overseas.  Their relatives came to the mansion to clean it and to reveal to them what happened to their ancestors many years ago.  The original family descendants no longer remembered who they were nor how they got into their low position.  The fleabags mis-educated them and told them they came from the shacks on the outskirts of the woods that they themselves had once inhabited.  After many years, balance was restored, and the original family took control of the house.  Eventually they lived in a peaceful manner just like their ancestors once enjoyed.

Things are not always what they appear to be.  Just because you are in a low position today, does not mean you are not of a royal bloodline. 

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