School Closures will Increase as COVID-19 Spreads Nationwide

School closures have begun worldwide as COVID-19 is spreading across the globe.  Several schools in Washington state have temporarily closed. As the virus spreads nationwide, more families will have to teach their children at home.  For parents who are looking for an online program to assist you with their educational experience, we highly recommend you enroll them in our Home School Network.

The Golden Race Home School Network

I have been homeschooling for the past decade and I absolutely love it!  Knowing all parents could benefit from homeschooling their children but may not be familiar with the benefits of doing so, I created a global online community.  The Home School Network assists parents who are interested in learning more about home schooling, with creating their own home school, and successfully managing it.  Based on my experience, I know homeschooling fosters a positive learning experience for all children.

Similar to our Mystery School, the Home School Network is an online virtual community.  We provide a full academic curriculum for grades K-12.  Parents have access to daily lesson plans for their children which includes activities that each child can do in the comfort of their own homes.  We offer standardized end-of the year tests that can be submitted, graded and kept on file.  Each child has access to a group of children within their age range to interact with so they can create lifelong friendships. 

Our curriculum consists of both core courses (Math, Science, Language Arts, and Reading) and electives that most children do not receive in public schools such as Herbalism and Economics & Budgeting to name a few.  Our home school network fosters self-love with a strong emphasis on health and fitness.  The beauty of our program is that any child can participate worldwide because you are learning in the comfort of your own home in an independent study format. 

Our program is reasonably priced for parents who no longer have to worry about buying expensive clothes and shoes throughout the year.  Instead, you can invest in books and supplies.  Many of our courses have FREE books, videos, and online literature, making them cost-effective for families.

Interested in Participating?

Visit our website to schedule your FREE online orientation and enrollment session.  We have parent webinars and virtual meetings throughout the school year to ensure everyone has a successful learning experience.  Our program is a wonderful option for our children that can save their lives and build their self-confidence.   

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