Metaphysical On-Demand Short Courses are Now Available in the Golden Race Mystery School

Our Mystery school just got a major upgrade.  We have eliminated the processing time for our short home study courses.  Now you can purchase the course of your choice and gain instant access On-Demand. 

Our short home study courses were added to our program in 2019 based on customer interest.  Their desire to learn a specific subject in a short amount of time in the comfort of their own home was made a reality when we created this segment of our program.  The initial program took 2.5 years to complete.  Many working adults informed us they did not have the extra time to invest in the full-length program.  However, they still wanted to learn about specific subjects.  So, we created short home study courses that can be completed in one week or less. 

Each course comes with an instructional guide, an in-depth video lecture, and unlimited email support.  Initially, customers had to wait for us to grant them access to our private website, however, this new upgrade will allow everyone to start learning immediately.  You simply pay for the course you would like to take and click the “Return to Merchant site” link (if you are not automatically redirected) and start your short course.

We offer the following On-Demand Short Courses:

Growing Food for the Gods

Akashic Records

Dream Interpretation

Family Survival

Surviving the Fall of Babylon


Are You Cursed?

Natural Health


Crystal Healing

Developing Your Psychic Abilities

Energy Vampires


Ancient Divination

Introduction to Voodoo

Mami Wata Spirits and Ritual Work

There is NO enrollment fee and NO application to complete.  Simply choose the course you are interested in taking and start learning today.

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