Only the Strong will Survive: The Ultimate Coronavirus Survival Course

After several months of the CDC telling Americans not to wear face masks, they are now side stepping and advising everyone to do so to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  This is unfortunate because many areas do not have any face masks in stock locally, therefore people must resort to making their own.  Stores are running low on supplies, so making your own may still be problematic for many.  To ensure everyone has access to a face mask, we are creating them in bulk and selling them in our online store. 

Ausar and I have been following the coronavirus since it initially hit Wuhan, China and the main thing we noticed was how most their citizens wore face masks.  Some were made of cloth, while others used plastic bottles to protect themselves. Therefore, we knew eventually as the death toll rose in America, we too would be encouraged to wear face masks, so we began creating our own to ensure we had them when we needed them. 

I practiced making cloth and disposable versions. After several designs, I decided on one that fits comfortably on any face size and is breathable.  Personally, I found some of the standard white ones available at Lowes and other stores hard to wear long term because I could barely breathe out of them.  The cloth ones I made were stylish, however, they provided little protection.  So, I came up with a design that was both breathable and stylish to wear.  They resemble traditional medical masks and my kids enjoy wearing them because they are lightweight.  

If you do not know how to create your own or if you lack the supplies to do so, you can visit our online store to purchase them on our website.  Although they are disposable masks, they have durability and should last you longer than the normal white paper masks.  Protecting yourself and your family is very important as this virus spreads.  

As the planetary frequency continues to rise, we are experiencing a mass extinction event. For years now, animals have been dying in mass, now it is time for low vibrational humans to transition over. To ensure everyone who desires to survive this event can do so, we have created an On-Demand interactive course which we consider to be the Ultimate COVID-19 survival course! It is filled with life-saving activities that require a 3-week commitment to ensure its effectiveness.  In this short course, you will learn:

Ancient techniques to raise your vibration

How to naturally strengthen your immune system

Lifestyle changes that can protect you from infection

How to make various types of face masks

Its cosmic origins

The importance of humanity

The truth about space stations

How to naturally heal your body

And Much More!

Unlike most families who were not prepared for the major changes COVID-19 has bought into our reality, we have been preparing for this change for quite some time.  Our preparation has led to a smooth transition for our family and we would like to share our knowledge with you so you too will have an easier time dealing with unexpected life changes.  

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