There is Healing for Your Soul

You are a masterpiece, a divine source of limitless potential and energy.  Within you is a vast well of power, knowledge, and eternal life.  You were created with a complex mind and an immortal soul that instinctively elevates to meet the infinite boundaries of being.  Unfortunately, few are aware of these facts and have shattered their souls due to traumatic life experiences.  Tomorrow, we will begin the process of retrieving all the pieces of our souls to make us whole again during our 72-hour Mind, Body, and Soul detox. 
Our quest for happiness, earthly success, and for a better quality of life is an ongoing process.  Most anticipate the promises of tomorrow with more pleasant life experiences.  While others cling to various physical objects for joy and satisfaction.  However, few realize that many of our desires are hidden within us.  There is much more to each of us than meets the eye. 
This life we live is laced with both positive and negative experiences.  When traumatic events occur in our lives, a portion of our soul often separates from our psyche as a protective measure to ensure the ego consciousness can function properly.  Over time, these types of separations can cause a spiritual fracture or soul damage.  This is common in “fight or flight” scenarios where there are two psychological responses at different extremities.  Most people find it easier to use the “flight” response as it is the most comforting way to deal with a negative situation.  However, over time, avoiding something can slowly and subtly cause harm as the feeding effect siphons the vital energy of the “healthy” soul body.  The soul is left aching for acknowledgement or resolution.

Your perception is altered when a piece of the soul is fractured.  

A void occurs and you feel a sense of emptiness and/or uncertainty about your life.  

You may become physically or mentally ill with no known cause for your ailment.  

You may experience life as being dull or feel as if you are stuck in a pointless monotony with little chance of escape.  

Negative feelings often lead to chronic depression, fatigue, confusion, and forgetfulness as you experience mood swings and/or nightmares. 

Many painful and traumatic events in our pasts, particularly from childhood, become buried deep within the subconscious mind causing the soul to fracture.  Your soul yearns to return to them—to deal and heal these traumas.  But consciously, we instinctively strive to avoid all painful experiences, which is why so many unresolved issues often become buried.  By isolating portions of our minds, we unintentionally freeze them in time.  
April 24-26, 2022, we will perform a ritualistic soul retrieval meditation to assist our members in reuniting all aspects of themselves that have been shattered and/or buried.  This activity will enable all participants to regain a sense of wholeness and self-awareness.  
If you would like to participate in our 72-hour detox next week, you can do so by purchasing a participation pass in our mystery school.   The e-guide and instructional videos will be emailed to you upon purchase.  
As we detoxify our minds and bodies, we will collect all the fragments of our souls; making us whole again.  Those who choose to participate will be shocked at what they discover.  As you meet the other aspects of yourself remember there is nothing to fear.  We all suppress aspects of ourselves for various reasons.  Remember to trust your intuition, expand your senses, and be open to the experience.  
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