April’s New Moon will Bring an Unexpected Change to our Reality

At our 2020 Cosmic Countdown, I warned our members that this year would be filled with conflict that had the potential to change our way of life. This prophecy was correct as COVID-19 has made a lasting impact on our economy, social interaction, and daily lives. Now, the new moon that will occur at 7:25 p.m. on Wednesday, April 22, 2020 denotes the coming of an unexpected long-lasting permanent change in our reality. 

Taurus’ astrological symbol is the bull, which denotes a slow nature that prefers to continue with business as usual. Although it prefers to hold on to what already exists, it will find itself in an uncomfortable situation because this Taurus New Moon and the sun are closely conjunct (0°) Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the planet of change, so although the bull does not want to do anything different, it will be forced to adjust and adapt. This change will be unexpected and perhaps shocking for many people. 

It will bring suffering and sorrow on humanity because April’s new moon is also in a challenging square aspect to Saturn. To adequately deal with the changes that are soon to occur, you must be patient, cautious, and use divine wisdom. This moon is in the Horns of the Ram in the Constellation of Aries, which signifies an aggressive and impulsive influence. Therefore, many will resist the change that will befall them and may resort to violent measures to hold on to their way of life. So, it is important to protect yourself and your loved ones and to avoid taking risks.

What Changes are Coming?

When Uranus is involved, change can happen in different ways based on both internal and external factors. However, this change will be a long-lasting permanent one because the Sun, Moon, and Uranus are not only in Taurus, but they are also in squares (90°) to Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. The square says, “It’s time for a change in direction,” and Capricorn tells us that this new direction needs to create a firm foundation in a responsible and practical way.  

2020 has a series of very difficult moon phases, which indicates a radical shift.  Those who cannot change their perception will be left feeling frustrated and angry. If they cannot channel their energy correctly, this can lead to violence, cruelty, crime, and loss of life. 

To ensure our members and subscribers are protected during this transformative period, we are hosting a group protection ritual. Not a member? You can purchase a one-time pass in our online store. 

Knowing there is a change ahead, puts you in a seat of power so you can flow with the current instead of wasting your energy fighting against it. 

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