Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One on a Holiday

I spent the first part of my life living in regret and despair as I looked out at all my friends and associates who were blessed with loving parents. They had fathers who gave them support and mothers who loved them unconditionally. Unfortunately, I had neither. Feeling like an orphan with two living parents who did little to make my life easier was a challenge, especially as a teenager and young adult. Now that I have matured spiritually, I am grateful that I agreed to this prior to incarnating in this fallen world. 

Too much of anything is never a good thing, this is also true for love and support. Especially when it is taken away from you. Losing it can be worse than never having it. I went on Facebook today and read two posts from my high school classmates who I secretly envied in my youth because of their parental relationships and they were both upset and sad over Mother’s Day because their mothers have died. For the first time in my life, I over-stood why Spirit never granted me the opportunity to establish a close-knit relationship with my mother.  

Losing someone is never easy, but it is much harder when you had a close bond with the person. When you do not, their loss is easier to deal with. My heart goes out for them because Venus goes retrograde on May 13 at 21° Gemini. Her energy will influence us for six weeks, ending on June 25, 2020. This energy will spill over into Father’s Day which is June 21, 2020. During this time, many will find it hard to deal with loving relationships. Old relationships including friendships, lovers, and familial may resurface in your consciousness causing you to relive past life experiences to sort out karmic issues.

This will be an especially trying time for many who have lost loved ones to COVID-19 in an untimely death.  Those who had close bonds may find old emotions resurfacing causing some emotional turmoil. During this time, many will find it hard to give and receive love. Others may have an increased need for tenderness and affection, however it may also include a bit of disillusionment in love, misunderstanding, and deception. 

Dealing With These Energies

This Venus retrograde is a perfect time to do meditation and reassessment. Those who are suffering with the loss of a loved one should spend this time turning their love inward. This is what I had to do when I found little love and support from my parents, and it worked to fill the void in my life. Instead of focusing on their shortcomings, I became the parent to my children I wished they would have been to me. This bought me great joy! 

To ensure my children do not mourn for years like my classmates when my husband and I transition, we have taught them the truth about life, death, and reincarnation. The ancient knowledge that many have forgotten or presently deny will sustain them when we embrace death.

To ensure humanity will be spared from the mental anguish that the vast majority are experiencing when their loved ones die, we created a Reincarnation short course and an in-depth Mystery school that teaches our initiates the truth about heaven, hell, and consciousness.

Focusing on what makes you happy instead of what makes you sad will not only bring healing into your life but will increase your vibrational energy. Although you may be inclined to dwell on the sadness you feel when they cross your mind, release your sadness by focusing on what they did to make you smile. And then realize how blessed you were to have been given the opportunity to experience their unconditional love.  

Group Activity

Items Needed: 





Red helium-filled balloon

Step 1: Write a letter to your parent or loved one who is no longer with you. 

Step 2: Visit your loved one’s grave and read them the letter

Step 3: Lay the flowers on their grave and pour a little water on the flowers

Step 4: Roll up the letter and tie it to the string on the red balloon

Step 5: let the balloon go 

Losing a loved one is never easy, especially when so many are transitioning because of COVID-19. Yet, we must remember death is a gateway to another phase of life.  

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