Our Group Rituals will Make a Positive Change in Your Life

We have been working with the forces of nature in group rituals for quite some time now. Our members who have participated have had amazing results. If you desire a real and powerful change in your life, I highly recommend you join us for the next group ritual. Today, an actively involved member gave me a testimony that I must share with all of our readers and subscribers. We rejoice with her as she has experienced amazing results from the last lunar ritual we completed.

“I have to share my testimony to the most recent Lunar Ritual.  I placed on my list the opportunity to interview and get a promotion prior to my departure, after I have been told NO due to my remote position.  Although I am over qualified for the job my organization refuses to interview and or promote any individuals that are working fulltime from home. Additionally, there were certain people that were keeping this mindset going so I placed them on my list of individuals to either remove or change their minds.  Fast forward not even a week later, I was not only interviewed, but the people sitting on the interview panel were all my supporters.  Secondly the day before my interview the main individual sent out an email tenured his resignation and the other person called me personally and asked me to please interview. 

I wish more people were part of our community and that they could really see what you guys are sharing with us is real!  Spirit is real but not the way religion has taught us!”


There is a natural order of power that can change your life for the better. Working in conjunction with nature at the appointed time will have a profound impact in your life. If you have been trying to bring a positive change into your life with little to no success, join the Golden Race and become actively involved in our group rituals. There is truly power in numbers and working with like minded individuals who want the best for you at the appointed time will change your life for the better.

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