Paranormal Accounts: The Shadow People

Shadow beings have been spotted worldwide, and in this month’s paranormal experiences we will discuss why this is a common occurrence.   Both accounts deal with these mysterious creatures who walk beside man.  Many have seen them out of their peripheral vision or when they were resting in their beds at night. Contrary to western scientific belief, they are REAL beings who play a role in our reality.  

Experience #1

“One night, my husband and I were sitting in our vehicle talking to one another.  Both of us saw a tall shadow walking towards us that was not attached to a physical body.  It walked beside our vehicle and appeared to vanish.  We stopped talking and looked at each other asking if the other had seen the figure and we both agreed we saw him.  A few minutes later, another vehicle pulled up beside our vehicle and as we got out to take a walk, we noticed the driver looking strangely at us.  On our second lap around the lot, a police officer pulled up asking to see our ID.  We asked what the problem was, and he told us someone had called 911 stating we looked suspicious and may break in vehicles!  We looked at each other puzzled and remembered the shadow figure that seemed to disappear beside our vehicle where the man had parked.  We immediately knew that shadow had negatively influenced that man to contact the police.”                                


Experience #2

“One night I was laying in my bed watching TV when I thought I saw something. I was in my room alone and my uncle was across the hall in his room. I was lying on my side facing the door with my back toward the window. As I laid there drifting off to sleep, I heard some breathing coming from behind me. The TV was still on but I could no longer hear it, all I could hear was this breathing which I knew without a doubt it was coming from behind me. My first thought was to check the window, but as I looked over my shoulder, I saw this dark shadow figure standing over me in my bed. It literally almost scared me to death. My first thought was to run and yell for help, but I couldn’t do neither one. I was so afraid it literally took my breath away and my body was so tense that I could barely move. I tried my hardest to call for help but I couldn’t get a word out. It was like my voice was on mute and my body locked up so I couldn’t move. Struggling to get away, I fell to the floor and by the time I looked back again, it was gone. I never experienced that level of fear before. It was literally nothing I could do.”


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