We Are Thankful You Crossed our Path

November is a time that has been set aside to give thanks for the many blessings we have in our lives.  Although many of you may not realize it, you are very special to us and therefore we want to take this month and thank each of you for being in our lives.

Your discovery of the Golden Race is not a coincident.

You are a very special being who incarnated on this planet for a reason.

Even when life seems hard, there is a purpose for every experience you are going through.

And we are honored you have spent time here with us.

We are thankful for those who tune in to our podcasts.

For those who take the time to watch one of our videos. 

We are thankful for those who have joined one of our groups.

For the parents who enrolled their children into the Home School Network.


Who has invested in our programs by paying monthly fees.

Without your monetary support, we could not reach as many people as we have.

You ALL hold a special place in our hearts.

If no one else takes the time to tell you this year.

You are special, loved, and deeply cherished.

Ausar & Auset

As a token of our appreciation, we are giving ALL of our subscribers, readers, listeners, and members $10 gift cards to spend in our online store on any item you desire.  Use code: THANKFUL at check out.

Group Activity:

Take the time to thank 3 special people in your life. 

Write them a poem and give it to them on Thanksgiving day.  Everyone deserves to KNOW how special they truly are. 

We appreciate each and everyone of you!

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