December 1, 2020….EVERYTHING Changes

A couple of days ago, I uploaded a video onto our YouTube channel.  To my amazement, it was NOT blocked, however a day later I received messages on Facebook and MeWe asking me if the video was still available because they could not view it.  Later that evening, an article popped up on my news feed informing me that YouTube had a blackout.  Luckily, I had uploaded the video to several platforms, so I could share another link with my viewers.  But the old saying, “God Blesses a child who has his own,” rang loudly in my inner ear, assuring me we had made a wise decision to move our content to more stable platforms.

Although we have had our community theater for a couple of years now, I know there are millions of people who will never come to our website.  Therefore, we are not reaching scores of viewers who could benefit from our services.  After doing some research, we began creating our own direct channels on two major devices that are being used worldwide: Roku and Amazon Fire TV.  These two avenues combined can reach over 100 million people worldwide!

We have created two channels: COVID-19 Ground Zero and The Third Eye Network.  Our Ground Zero channel will feature content that relates specifically to COVID-19 so our viewers are getting accurate information that can save their lives.  We encourage all our podcast listeners to download our channel, so they know when we are hosting meetings and LIVE Q&A sessions.

The Third Eye Network will feature metaphysical information, updates, and videos that will assist our viewers with their spiritual growth and development and will present little known history facts to our children.  We have a huge category of videos that were never seen by the public, so this channel will be a special treat for many of our viewers.  Both channels are FREE to watch!  

Besides hosting our content, we encourage other creators who have similar content to join our Network so people can view their work on reliable platforms.  Streaming videos is the wave of the future, especially now that most people have smart televisions that come with Roku or Amazon built in.  Their ability to search for our channel without going through a third-party site like YouTube and watch our content without interference will increase our viewership.  

We will keep our Exclusive Video membership club in-house.  This paid program will host our sensitive videos that can NOT be released to the public at large.  Now that we know our efforts are not in vain, we will resume creating in-depth videos for our viewers.  Both of our channels are scheduled to launch December 1, 2020.  I will add direct links to our site once they are LIVE.

Remember to tune in to STAY in the KNOW!!  

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