The COVID 19 Vaccine Exposed

Before you consent to taking the COVID-19 vaccine, I highly recommend you watch our video.  When I attempted to upload the full video to YouTube’s platform, it was instantly blocked in three countries: New Zealand, South Africa, and Turkey.  So, I created a trailer to direct those who could not watch it in their countries to our Community Theatre and they forcibly removed our trailer from their platform.  The fact that they did this in such a quick manner without a thorough review tells me we exposed the true intention of this vaccination.

Earlier this summer, our extended family had a cookout for the fourth of July. During this event, there was a COVID-19 outbreak that resulted in six people contracting the virus. Many of those who got it were in there 60s and 70s and had pre-existing conditions. To date, no one has died from this virus. In fact, they selected one person for a research project that gave her hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and vitamin C. In less than one week, she was feeling normal again and never relapsed. When President Trump attempted to tell the American public about hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness on COVID-19, they publicly humiliated him. They did this on purpose because the globalists need a reason to vaccinate the entire human population with their experimental drug.

The only thing that has been scientifically proven is that people with O blood have a weaker form of COVID-19 and will typically recover from it. All other blood types have a more adverse affect. O blood is in every racial group, so anyone who is promoting the Eugenic lies of specific races being harmed more than the white race is spreading pseudoscience. Only one of our six black family members over the age of 50 is still dealing with the long-term effects of loss of smell. So if this disease was race specific, at least half of these people would have perished.

Historically, people of color in America have been targeted with harmful vaccines as Eugenic scientists use these populations as human guinea pigs.  When COVID-19 came to America, the fake news outlets immediately led the public to believe it was hurting the black and brown communities more than anyone else.  Hearing this rhetoric threw up a red flag in our minds that led us to take a closer look at this disease.  As expected, COVID-19 does NOT discriminate.  That is why it is currently surging in primarily white states like Nebraska, South Dakota, and Alaska.  Contrary to popular belief, it is an equal opportunity killer.  Regardless of how light or dark your skin is, it will gladly take your life.

So why has the mainstream media adopted this Eugenics rhetoric?  Why have they demonized Donald Trump as a racist and uplifted a known racist, Joe Biden as a hero or saint?  Well, the COVID-19 vaccine has a lot to do with both questions.  President Trump refused to focus on people of color solely and will not cooperate with their global RNA science experiment.  His focus is on making our country rich and self-sustaining again.  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris explicitly stated they will focus their attention on people of color and make sure everyone is vaccinated as soon as they are sworn into office, thus cooperating with the global eugenics program.

The unlearned will think they are doing them a favor, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  The COVID-19 vaccine has NOT been tested on animals and is an experimental drug that can and will change your DNA leading to genetic mutations in those who are forced to take it. Not only will it affect the current population, it will also alter the genetics of their future generations.  It may have adverse effects in certain people.  If this happens, there will be no recourse for you.  If you get sick and cannot pay your bills, they will leave you to fend for yourself, just like so many others who have been denied stimulus aid in America due to COVID-19.  This is a risk I and anyone with a sound mind are unwilling to take. 

If you research the Tuskegee Experiment, it mirrors what is happening now.  This eugenics program took place during the Great Depression, just like we are now in a Great Recession.  It targeted a poor black community under the guise of helping them with Syphilis.  Instead, they were injecting them with the virus and allowing it to kill the participants so they could study their dead bodies.  They marketed it to the American public just like they are doing now, stating it had a worse effect on the black community.  Now a known racist is about to take the highest office in our country accompanied by a prosecuting Vice President who has a reputation for criminalizing non-conforming behavior, especially in black and brown communities.  This is a recipe for disaster for people of color!

The fake news outlets tricked many in minority groups in to voting for a man who has racist thoughts concerning their communities. The Tuskegee Experiment went on for 40 years until a good-hearted whistle blower wrote an article that exposed their insidious plan.  If you do not want history to repeat itself, I encourage you to watch our video in its entirety.  A copy is on YouTube, but I honestly do not know how long they will leave it up.  I have a copy on Rumble, and I will upload another copy to our Roku channel once it is LIVE on December 1, 2020.  Before you take this vaccine, you must take the time to watch this video in its entirety.  Your life may depend on it.

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