2020 Annual StarSeed Awards

In 2020, we are proud to announce that the Golden Race has grown by leaps and bounds! A lot of new people have joined our Facebook groups, and we have hundreds of people following our Home School Network MeWe page. Although we are very thankful for every one of our members, there are some members whose positive behavior has made a lasting impression on us.  So, we have decided to reward these StarSeeds with something special.  This year we chose five categories: Most Dependable, Most Dedicated, Most Supportive, Best All Around, and Honorable Mention.

The Most Dependable member is one who is actively involved in our organization.  This person regularly attends meetings and is engaged in group discussions.  This is a person we know will be present, even if no one else shows any interest in what we are doing.  By unanimous vote, we have selected Bruce.  When I post articles in our closed group, Bruce always takes the time to comment or post an emoji to let me know he read it and is engaged in what we are doing.  He has attended all our COVID-19 webinars in 2020 and has touched the hearts of our podcast listeners and subscribers with his thought-provoking questions and comments.  We are grateful to have him as a member of the cosmic family.   

The Most Dedicated member is one who goes the extra mile to show their devotion to the Golden Race’s mission.  This person takes their spirituality seriously and will not be swayed by outside influences.  By unanimous vote, we selected Fred.  Fred is an active member in our Mystery School, the Divine Brotherhood, and in our Inner Sanctum.  He was awarded Most Supportive last year and has continued on his spiritual journey to becoming a Master.  While others have strayed away, he is still with us, learning, actively engaging, and growing spiritually.  Therefore, we know he is truly dedicated to The Golden Race.  We are incredibly grateful to have such a devoted member.

The most Supportive member is one who shows their support by patronizing our online store consistently and by being involved in our group activities.  Membership support is important for the overall survival and growth of the Golden Race because we are not government funded and get no monetary reward from social media outlets.  By unanimous vote, Lolita is our most supportive member of 2020.  She has attended many of our meetings and has shown her support by purchasing passes to our optional webinars.  Even when she has to work and cannot physically attend, she still shows her love by supporting us monetarily.  She is a member of our SiStarhood Sorority, the Inner Sanctum, and our Mystery school.  Her cooperative spirit has truly been a blessing for us this year while so many people were suffering because of COVID-19.  We are incredibly grateful to have her as a member of the Golden Race.

Our next category is our Best All Around member.  This member exemplifies all the other three categories and much more.  They are supportive, dedicated, and dependable.  This member illustrates the character that every member should possess.  By unanimous vote, we selected Jamicka M.   Jamicka has gone above and beyond anything we had ever imagined for a member.  She has encouraged her entire family to be actively involved in our organization.  Her children are enrolled in the Home School Network, and they participated in the Halloween Costume Party.  Her son won first place in the pumpkin carving competition!  When no one else recruited anyone, she recruited her husband and children to join our COVID-19 Relief fund.  We are truly blessed to have her as an active member in the Golden Race.

Last but not least, is our 2020 Honorable Mention.  This person has been with us for quite some time.  She has shown her support even though she lives in another country.  Similar to Bruce, her questions have inspired our readers to see life from a different perspective.  This person is none other than SuPreme.  SuPreme possesses a beautiful kindred spirit that has made her attendance at webinars seem like she lives next door to us.  She volunteered to assist in creating our Cosmic Connections groups on MeWe and Facebook.  Her input, support, and loving spirit are always refreshing to experience.  We are sincerely grateful to have her as a member of the Cosmic Family.   

Jamicka, Lolita, Fred, Bruce, and SuPreme have been added to our Wall of Fame so all our visitors can see their hard work and dedication.  We are sending all our current members a Christmas gift card by email, however these five will get a special package from us along with their certificate of achievement.  Again, we appreciate each one of you.   We hope that the members who were not selected this year learn from the behavior of our 2020 StarSeeds so next year you too can be rewarded. 

We wish every one a safe and happy holiday season.  Don’t forget to join us as we count down 2020 during our 2021 Cosmic Countdown.  Tickets are on sale now. This is one New Year’s Eve Party you can’t afford to miss!


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