2021 New Years Resolution: Save Yourself

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up around 3:30 am.  During this time, the Spirit ministered to me about 2021.  In its infinite wisdom, it directed me to throw out many items I purchased last year and to destroy projects I had created that were unbeneficial.  As I cleaned out my desk, I realized how much time and energy I had wasted on others and vowed to focus on myself.

Last year I created a COVID-19 Relief fund that only benefited a couple of people simply because most of the people who signed up failed to bring anyone in after they enrolled, so I cancelled the program.  My intent was to create an ongoing program that could have generated residual income for the participants.  I threw out the business cards that were associated with it and deleted the website, videos, and promotional content I took time to create, realizing the lack of group participation had doomed that initiative. 

Next, I analyzed our Cosmic Connections group that seemed to grow daily on Facebook.  Although we had new members signing up for this program, none of them took the time to submit a profile so we could internalize it, thus leaving it trapped in the hands of Facebook, a censored organization.  After several failed requests and a video promotion, I deleted that program and everything associated with it.  My intent was to assist single conscious people in finding a conscious mate like I had done.  However, the group was being overrun by suspicious, uncooperative characters.

I inspected the Home School Network I created, hoping to teach our youth the truth.  I added on a FREE Public-school curriculum and Podcast to get more people interested in the program.   As time went on, I discovered people were taking advantage of the FREE information and reading the articles I posted on our page but refused to take part in events so we could grow and reach more people.  After careful consideration, I scaled back that program.  I deleted our MeWe page (that was full of opinionated non-contributing followers), our Podcast that no one was willing to assist by contributing content, and I added on an Annual Enrollment fee for all future families who decide to enroll in the FREE public school program, so I KNOW we have monetary contributions for future activities. 

As I cleaned out my file cabinet, I came across our Annual Membership Drive paperwork and threw out this material as well.  I wasted a couple of years encouraging our members to invite others to join the Golden Race, hoping to wake more people up to the true planetary history.  As usual, only a few participated, so once again I wasted energy and resources on flyers, membership cards, and referral cards that were never used.   

I inspected our Affiliate program I created that would pay out $50 for each referral that was sent to the Mystery School and deleted that program as well.  Again, my intent was to assist members and subscribers with extra income in a bad economy, but as usual, no one took advantage of this program.  So, I lowered my prices on my courses for an immediate benefit to future students who may be interested in learning.

When I was finished cleaning my desk, file cabinet, supply closet, and internet pages, I had bags of garbage and space on my server.  My desk was clean, and my mind was free of worry.  Spirit advised me to look at all the work I had done in vain and to realize it represented wasted energy and time I can never get back trying to help other people.  At that point, I made a conscious decision to turn inward.  For those who truly have a desire to learn and would like my assistance on their spiritual journey, I have converted all the courses, videos, webinars, and literature we have created to be available On-Demand, granting me more free time.

After reflecting on my life, I realize I have spent years trying to help family members, friends, and associates who never asked for my help.  This is unfortunate, because spending more time on others than yourself can lead to personal neglect and wasted energy.  From that day forward I vowed to put myself first, realizing it is not my job to save the world. 

Now I have more time to spend in meditation, doing yoga, exercising, engaging in spiritual practices, and reading books that can benefit me and my family.  Time is precious and wasting it on people who are unappreciative is the worse thing you can do.  Over-standing that the only person I incarnated to save is myself grants me the ability to live an extraordinary life.   

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