The Delta Variant will Infect Millions of Students this Year

Earlier this week, I stumbled upon an article entitled, β€œThe highly contagious Delta Variant has some parents rethinking back to school plans.”  The Delta Variant is currently responsible for 98% of the Covid cases today.  It is a highly contagious strand that is affecting everyone, especially children.  Therefore, sending your child back to school may lead to not only their infection but the infection of your entire family.  

According to the article, the Centers of Disease Control says the Delta Variant may be as contagious as chickenpox.  Its presence is forcing parents to reassess whether to send their kids to school.  Especially since children under the age of 12 cannot be immunized and some schools are not requiring their students to wear a mask.   This is a recipe for disaster.  This summer, a church camp with over 130 kids and adults tested positive for the virus.  Health officials reported half of the participants were too young to be vaccinated. 

Schools are like Petri dishes.  Every year, the flu and colds spread through the students like wildfire.  Children enjoy touching and sharing items, horse playing, and being active.  If one child becomes infected, the entire student population will be susceptible to infection.  Parents should take this seriously, as the Delta Variant is the worst strand of COVID-19. 

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