24 Hours of Life Changing Information: Ausar N Auset Video Marathon

Knowing our videos can touch the hearts and minds of the viewers, we have decided to host a 24-hour video marathon, Saturday, October 16, 2021.  During this virtual event, participants will watch all the original Ausar N Auset videos we created for 24 hours!   These are not ordinary videos.  They are full of ancient wisdom, knowledge, and divine revelation.  Therefore, the Establishment did not want them on their main platforms, knowing they can quicken and awaken the viewer’s third eye to the truth of our reality. 

Our videos have ancestral energies in them, making it nearly impossible for viewers to watch only one at a time.  They often find themselves watching for hours, losing track of time as they become mesmerized by the content.  A visual picture of hidden knowledge has a powerful effect on your subconscious mind.  Knowing a picture is worth 1000 words makes our videos a powerful tool for unlocking the planetary consciousness. 

YouTube was originally designed for the public at large to showcase their talents and ideas, hence the name “you” tube.  Presently, it has been overrun by big telecom networks such as CNN, Fox News, and NBC.  Watching content on their platform reminds me of watching public television because they are both full of aggravating commercials.  They pushed many of the regular people off because your planetary controllers want to regain control of the information that is being shared, fearing too many sheep were escaping from pre-defined cages. 

They do not want you thinking outside of their matrix reality they have created to enslave your consciousness. To combat the truth, they often stigmatize the divergent as conspiracy theorists.  If too many people question their reality, they will lose their power of persuasion.  So, they have created a system to keep everyone stuck in an endless cycle of loops, doing repetitive things over and over again, making no actual progress in life. 

They must keep control over the human population because they KNOW knowledge is power.  Once you get access to right knowledge and over-standing, you will have the power to change your life for the better.  Your enemies are only in positions of power because the masses are under mind control.   Once the masses awaken and learn the truth, the planetary controllers will be powerless to stop them. 

We are living in a sugarcoated reality where what you see is NOT what you get.  Smoke screens and magic mirrors filter out the truth.  Systems are in place to keep everybody asleep, and that’s why they wanted our videos removed and taken out of the public domain.  To combat this problem, we created a community theater where viewers can purchase access to watch one of our videos for $9.99.  However, during this marathon, participants will have access to our entire full length video catalog, granting them 24 hours of video content.  Video after video for one low price of $19.99.  You can purchase a pass by clicking the button below.

We caution you to make sure you are ready to awaken to the truth before you purchase a pass.  Some people cannot handle the truth, and upon viewing these videos, you will never be the same again.  Similar to the red and blue pill Morpheus offered Neo, our videos are guaranteed to ignite your consciousness by stimulating your third eye.   Your world will seem different once you have seen the truth.  

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