Pandora’s Box: Removing the Spirits that Bind Us

Many people are suffering from mental issues that stem from negative comments directed at them by critics.  Remarks such as you are not good enough, you will never succeed, no one cares about you eat away at your psyche.  Failing to rebuke and remove these destructive thoughts will ruin your life.   

Giving thought to negative words full of malicious intent will take root in your subconscious mind, resulting in a stronghold of self-doubt, which leads to inadequate life experiences.  Toxic words that are directed at you can erode your self-confidence.  Allowing people to continuously dump negative issues in your life will hinder your spiritual growth and development.  Unfortunately, our society pumps negative information into the minds of the citizens daily.  Hopelessness, despair, inequality, poverty, and injustices are publicly discussed by major news outlets and have led to an unprecedented amount of suicide and depression. 

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