Love is an Action Word

An organization is only as strong as its membership.  It is no different for the Golden Race. We are who we are today because of the members who came along beside us and showed their support with a monthly monetary investment. 

The Golden Race started as a mere hobby, a small YouTube channel that was intended to educate our viewers on little known planetary history.  As time passed, we grew into so much more.  Our viewers showed their support by purchasing items in our online store and soon an exclusive membership club was born. 

As a grassroot organization, we started with a very limited website that used as many free services as we could to get videos to our viewers that had been blocked or removed on mainstream social sites.  The generosity, love, and support that our members showed us by contributing monthly to our endeavor helped us to upgrade all our systems and has enabled us to provide a professional and secure learning experience to the masses. We now provide a community theater, a home school program for families, an esoteric mystery school that is filled with online courses, various consultations, and FREE podcasts to the masses.  Without our members, this would NOT be possible as every dime collected is reinvested back into the Golden Race. 

When COVID-19 came, many of our members were adversely affected, resulting in a decline in membership.  But the faithful few who remained picked up where many left off by regularly patronizing our store, purchasing courses, while several members have chosen to increase their monthly fee.  The membership fees we collect have assisted us in reaching the hearts and minds of people all over the planet.  And we are forever grateful for every member who has crossed our path!

To show our love and respect for you, we are giving every Golden Race member FREE access to our Self Love course during the week of February 13-19, 2022.  This seven-week course is designed to help each of you learn more about yourself. 

Course Objective

Students will learn what self-love is

Why it is important

How it can change their lives

How to build positive self-esteem

How to release self-doubt

How to build their own self-worth

How to embrace who they are

We encourage each of you to take this course with your children and/or spouse as it can change your life for the better.

Over the years, our faithful group has become so much more to us than just a member, as we now consider you part of the cosmic family!

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