Symptoms of the Great Awakening

We have heard so many teachers and gurus mention the word “ascension,” but very few people truly know what it is.  It is time we demystify it, so you KNOW what awaits humanity.  Simply put, ascension is when a particular life system raises its vibrational state from one energetic state of being and realm of existence to a higher one.

The culmination of recent shifts of cosmic interstellar events has created energetic upgrades from the higher dimensions, which have put you in a new dimensional frequency.  The spiritual light coming from the higher planes contains codes designed for soul infusion.  They will disconnect you from a 3D life and propel you into 5D consciousness.  The higher dimensional light portals are creating a breakthrough soul purpose initiation, which enables the release of old belief systems while healing and uniting deep ancient bonds.  By aligning with your soul’s purpose, you will assure a successful transmutation.

The ascension process and the signs and symptoms associated with it are occurring on a personal and planetary level.  It occurs in every facet of your being as the acceleration of vibrational energy and the expansion of awareness creates a shift in consciousness.    It is like tuning into a particular radio station frequency and consciously deciding to change the channel. 

Ascension is a completely natural and universal evolutionary process as one shifts in vibrational frequency their awareness expands.  This results in various symptoms on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  Your system is rebooting, being tuned up, and upgraded.  During this time patterns fall away as you consume more light and develop an expanded awareness of oneself and the collective reality.  

As one moves through the ascension process, there may be periods where the energy and symptoms become much more intense for several days or weeks at a time, then suddenly cease altogether.  The ascension experience is different for everyone, and the symptoms can vary according to one’s individual degree of awareness, personal vibration, spiritual practice, individual lifestyle habits, and the soul’s unique purpose.   Familiarizing yourself with these symptoms will enable you to cope with these changes.

Ascension Symptoms

You may feel different for reasons you can’t explain

You feel the expanded interest in knowing where you are from and why you incarnated

You will start feeling empowered to be in greater service

Your vibration will be that of expanded heart consciousness and higher heart awareness

You will have a desire to connect with your galactic family as they enter your life  

You might also have stomach and digestive issues such as gastrointestinal problems, loss of appetite, periods of unexplained nausea.  This is a sign that your body is trying to adjust to the incoming higher energetic frequency and vibration.

You might experience sudden changes in your body temperature

Increased sensitivity or intolerance to heat or cold

Abnormal heat and cold in certain parts of your body

Cold or flu-like symptoms appear and then disappear

Frequent headaches, head pressure, or other unusual sensations in the crown chakra

Warm tingling pinpricks and pulsating energy

Increase in sensitivity such as smelling strange smells from time to time that seem to come out of nowhere

Sinus and allergy issues

Changes in vision and perception as you catch glimpses of shadows, mist, smoke, flashes of light in sparkling colors, and swirling forms of energy

You will experience changes in hearing or sensitivity to sound

Hear strange sounds tones and frequencies in your ears such as buzzing

There will be periods where you feel extremely cold for long periods of time or have a chill in your body such as cold hands or feet

An increase in daydreaming, fantasy, flashes of insights and visions

Increased creativity and imagination

If you consume a healthy diet, your light body will activate. 

Light Body Activation Symptoms

An increased static electrical charge in the body, such as energy zaps, tingles, itching, pinpricks, muscle spasms, or twitches, that occur sporadically in certain parts of the body.

Sporadic sleep schedules with repeated waking in the middle of the night, especially around 3:00 o’clock in the morning.

Unusual dreams or lucid dreams

Unexplainable nervousness or anxiety that comes and goes spontaneously and for no apparent reason

Unusual vibrations

Experiencing pulsating or rushing waves of energy

Tingling sensations

Pressure throughout the body or in specific areas and chakra centers

Extreme sensitivity, which results in over emotional episodes of crying for no apparent reason or bouts of hysterical laughter.

If your body is still full of toxins, you will experience periods of intense frustration, anger, rage, short-tempered, easily agitated, or be impatient.

There will be moments where you experience an increase in heart rate or unusual sensations in the heart chakra area.

If you are experiencing most of these symptoms, it is a good indication that you are ascending at an accelerated rate.   

Ascension Symptom Treatments

To lessen the negative effects of the ascension process, I highly recommend a holistic healing modality.  Natural remedies are the safest way to deal with these issues, as they offer many healing benefits.  Visit our Natural Health center to learn how to heal your body naturally.  We invite you to join the cosmic family as we detoxify our temples during the Mind, Body, Soul detox which will be held April 24-26, 2022.  Cleansing your mind, body, and soul will assist you in awakening and strengthening your light body.  

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