LIVE Podcast: Metaphysical Wisdom with Ausar and Auset

Enjoy listening to our Metaphysical Wisdom podcast with Ausar and Auset?  Well, you are going to LOVE our new LIVE podcasts!

We now offer a LIVE podcast that can be accessed from our podcast website. During our LIVE podcasts, listeners can call in to ask questions or enter content in the chat box. 

When visiting the website, if you click on the LIVE ACCESS PASS at the top of the page, non-members can purchase a onetime pass to a LIVE member-only closed podcast recording.  These podcast discussions are of a sensitive nature, so listener discretion is advised. 

Metaphysical Wisdom is now on several platforms.  Listeners can tune in on Google podcasts, Podbean app, iHeart Radio, Player FM, Spotify, TuneIn, Samsung, and on your Alexa devices.  Simply tell Alexa to listen to METAPHYSICAL WISDOM. 

Visit to get access to pre-recorded sessions, member-only content, and LIVE podcasts.  Text the word LIVE to 704-558-6864 to stay in the know. 

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