Divine Energies: The Neteru Series

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article in our closed groups rejoicing over the thousands of crocodiles who appeared on a beach in Brazil.  I included a picture of Sobek and to my surprise several members of the Golden Race did not KNOW who he was nor what his energy represents.  Although we offer an in-depth 10-week course in our Mystery School on Ancient Kemetic Spirituality, many of our members have not taken it.  It was at that point that I realized how important it is for me to publicly teach about these ancient forces of nature; the Neteru.

To date, I have released two podcasts and am currently working on recreating the rest of their stories.  Although these podcasts will not go into as much detail as our 10-week course, they will introduce the listeners to the mythology and general meaning behind each of the deities.  It is important to know the ancient spirituality that spanned the globe prior to colonization.  Contrary to popular belief, our ancestors were NOT devil worshippers or hedonistic.  They were one with nature and all its divine forces that surrounded and inhabited them.  I invite you to tune in to podcast: Metaphysical Wisdom to learn more.  Make sure you have paper and a pen handy to take notes as we travel back to the beginning of time. 

Although your planetary controllers attempted to erase millions of years of planetary history from the collective consciousness, it is still lying dormant in the veins of humanity.  The innate knowledge I will present on our podcast and on our various video channels will resurrect these ancient principles in your life, granting you the keys to divine freedom and power. 

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