• Divine Energies: The Neteru Series

    Divine Energies: The Neteru Series

    A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article in our closed groups rejoicing over the thousands of crocodiles who appeared on a beach in Brazil.  I included a picture of Sobek and to my surprise several members of the Golden Race did not KNOW who he was nor what his energy represents.  Although we… Read more

  • Disney’s Black Ariel Sinister Plan Exposed

    Disney’s Black Ariel Sinister Plan Exposed

    For years, Walt Disney was a racist company who openly drew stereotypical cartoon characters of all races.  From watermelon eating, overweight black women to the slant eyed sneaky Asian, they degraded all races of color on film and put them on display for humanity’s mental consumption.  However, in the past decade, Disney has decided to… Read more

  • Beauty for Your Ashes

    Beauty for Your Ashes

    Have you been suffering at the hands of wicked people?  Are you unsure of why your life has been so hard?  There is a divine reason why your life has not been easy.  You are a child of light with a destiny greater than anyone could imagine.     Read more

  • Faith Without Works is Dead

    Faith Without Works is Dead

    People are taught to have faith and are NOT encouraged to do any works. Many believe they can sit around and dream about the life they desire, the person they want to attract, or about their dream job and like magic the universe will grant their wishes with no effort on their part. This can’t… Read more

  • The Secret was Incomplete

    The Secret was Incomplete

    Do NOT fall prey to these cotton candy spiritualists whose messages are sweet to digest but will ultimately lead to spiritual decay.  Read more

  • Online Summer Camp for Ages 5-14

    Online Summer Camp for Ages 5-14

    Are you a home school family? Are you sitting at home right now dealing with a bored child or children? Running out of ideas and activities for them to participate in as the gas is skyrocketing and most summer camps are overpriced? WE CAN HELP! The Homeschool Network is hosting an online summer camp July… Read more

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