Galactic Giving

Many people desire to make the world a better place. What if I told you there is a way you can change the world and have all of your needs met while doing so?  Believe it or not, there is an ancient technique that many people have been using improperly that can do this for you.  This month, the Golden Race will use this precept correctly to transform our lives and those around us.   
When most people think of giving, they immediately think of a religious or a non-profit business who assists those in need.  However, there is an ancient metaphysical component to giving that very few people are aware of. 
Many of today’s religious organizations have failed to properly teach their members how to give.  They instruct the members to give above and beyond a specific amount of money in obedience to God.  This improper way of giving has resulted in the members being left with little or no money while their leaders enjoy lavish lifestyles.  The neighborhoods surrounding their grand buildings are often left impoverished.  This is not the way giving was initially practiced by our ancestors.  
The Natural Law of Give and Take
There are universal laws that govern the concept of giving.  When you give something away (whether monetarily, in the form a skill or trade), the energy you exert is always returned to you in one form or another, unless you accept equal payment for whatever you gave away.  This ensures your energy is never wasted. Once you understand this principle, you are free to give with a cheerful and willing heart directly to those in need. 
Our ancient civilizations gave under these conditions and as a result, we had no poverty, homelessness, and all citizens were provided for.  Everyone, regardless of status, freely gave so our communities were clean, and everyone enjoyed optimum health. 


Members of the Golden Race have been doing group manifestation activities for the past year.  Many participants have experienced great success as their needs and desires have been met.  During the month of March, we will incorporate this ancient precept of giving into our group activities.  Giving in the correct manner will supercharge our manifestation desires and will have a positive impact on humanity at large. 
How to Give Correctly
When you give, you want to make sure you doing it correctly.  Improper giving has resulted in generational poverty for a lot of our people.  I suggest that you follow these tips when you give to ensure your giving is not intercepted by greedy spirits.  
Give Directly to Those in Need
Direct giving ensures that your energy flows where you intended it to go.  This enables you to know who’s benefiting from your generosity.  There are many organizations who claim to receive aid on behalf of a specific group, yet these people hardly ever receive a dime of the monies collected.  Don’t be fooled by these greedy businesses whose primary mission is to collect massive amounts of tax-free money.  If you desire to assist those in need, it is always better to use the direct giving method. 
Cut out the Middle Man  
When you donate to non-profit organizations such as the Goodwill, they sell your items for money.  The money intercepts your positive energy by repaying the organization that you donated your items to.  To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, follow the previous suggestion and give directly to those in need.
Be a Cheerful Giver 
If you really don’t want to give, THEN DON’T GIVE.  If you are giving out of a grudging spirit, your true feelings will negate your efforts.  This is the problem with many religious members.  They give money based on religious obligations, therefore their giving is negated by their subconscious negative emotions.
When you develop the right mindset concerning giving, it will become something you enjoy and will freely do with a cheerful heart and a happy countenance.  Once you can do this, you will assist us in making the world a better place as ALL NEEDS ARE MET.     

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  1. Loved the idea of \”Direct Giving\” and always thought that IS the correct way of giving.Namaste!

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