Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally

For centuries our ancestors used natural means to heal their bodies.  In our not so distant past, this changed as pharmaceutical companies turned healing into a money-making industry.  As our planet is ascending, these manmade drugs are no longer effective in healing and are causing more harm than good.  This has resulted in more people returning to nature to find solutions for their ailments.   As a result, the ancient olive leaf has resurfaced as a natural healing remedy. 
The medicinal purposes of the olive leaf have an ancient past.  In fact, it was the first botanical referenced in the bible.  In Genesis 8:11 “and the dove came in to him in the evening, and lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf plucked off. So, Noah knew that the waters were abated from off the earth.” The bible is based on ancient Egyptian texts, therefore, we know that it was our ancestors who first used the olive leaf for medicinal purposes.  
The olive leaf was a cure for malaria and fevers in the mid-1800’s in the form of an alcoholic tincture.  In the mid-1960’s researchers isolated a bitter compound in the olive leaf named oleuropein(oh-lee-or-oh-pin).   This compound is present in the oil, bark, leaves, and fruit of the tree and is responsible for keeping insects and bacteria from damaging it.  The active ingredient, elenolic acid, has been found to exhibit powerful anti-bacterial effects.   It inhibits the growth of many viruses and parasitic protozoans.  Researchers also discovered that there were NO TOXIC SIDE EFFECTS to the host even at high doses. 
 Benefits of Using Olive Leaf      
·          Lowers blood pressure
·         Relieves arrhythmias
·         Prevents intestinal spasms
·         Lowers cholesterol, blood sugar
·         Reduces uric acid build-up
·         Anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent
·         Effective in the treatment of cold and flu
     An increase in energy and a better state of well-being has been reported by many people who used an olive leaf extract regularly. An intestinal cleansing action is stimulated by this potent herb making it a natural detoxifier.  I highly recommend that you take it daily to boost your immune system and rid your body of toxins.  We sell this item in both a liquid and pill form in the Golden Race store to ensure our members have access to this powerful medicine. 

We offer a short home study course in Natural Healing that covers natural healing remedies that can keep your body in optimum health.  There is NO application required and NO enrollment fee!  Purchase your course and start learning how to heal our body naturally. 

We also have a Natural Health Center which is a comprehensive holistic program that includes diet, exercise and nutritional support. We recommend that all our participants take this natural herb to strengthen their temples.  Olive leaf extract has real healing power that humans need at this moment in time.  We highly recommend that you make it part of your daily regimen. 
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