Navigating the Dream World

Have you ever wondered if a vivid dream was trying to tell you something?   Well, you are not alone.  Most of us have this type of dream every so often that leaves us pondering its meaning.  In fact, waking up with a sense of urgency because our dream was trying to communicate something important to us is a common experience for all people.  We rarely talk about how these powerful dreams affect us because we don’t want our friends to think we are crazy.  So, we store away these questions in our minds and in our hearts and secretly wonder what missing knowledge this dream was trying to tell us.  Knowing how to correctly decipher our dreams’ symbolic information will transform our lives for the better.
Knowing where dreams come from is step one to understanding their hidden meaning.  Our minds are comprised of both a conscious and subconscious element.  The subconscious portion of our mind is always in an active state.  Experts in sleep and dream research tell us that when our conscious mind takes a break, the subconscious mind is active processing all the information and events in our lives. 
Both the conscious and subconscious minds work cohesively to interpret the decisions we make and in processing how we think and feel.  Our minds are in constant communication in ways we cannot always understand or even recognize.  Sometimes that “gut feel” about a decision is coming from your subconscious mind.  But psychologists also tell us that dreams are another way that the subconscious presents information to the conscious side of our brains therefore there is a lot of information and meaning in our dreams.
Your subconscious never stops communicating to you and dreams are one way it expresses itself.  If you are interested in learning how to decipher these messages sent to you from your subconscious mind, I highly recommend that you take our short home study course entitled, “Navigating the Dream World.”  There is NO application process and NO enrollment fee.  Pay for your short course and learn how to decipher your dreams.   
Once you learn how to correctly decodeyour dreams, you will learn more about yourself and about your “true feelings” regarding relationships, your job, your worries and stresses and what is going on in your inner world.  And if there is information in your subconscious that can help you cope with those big challenges in life why not understand it and put it to work by learning what dreams are saying and what we can learn from them?
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