All Trolls Must Go!!

As a child my mother would often say, “An empty barrel makes the most noise.”  When I was young, I didn’t fully understand what she meant by this statement.  However, as I got older, and encountered more people on my path to true spirituality, this statement’s meaning became clear.  The trolls who have openly disagreed with us to prove how much they know are empty vessels who suffer with low self-esteem, even though their actions were trying to prove otherwise.

Identifying Characteristics of Trolls

We find trolls in every facet of our lives.  From the bullies in our schools to the career criminals who take pleasure in hurting others without motive, they are literally EVERYWHERE.  On the outside, these people display an unrealistically high self-confidence which lead to their uncontrollable impulses.  Their sense of self-worth becomes exaggerated, leaving them blind to their true hateful nature.

Personally, when I disagree with someone, I turn the channel and search for someone I feel a connection with.  In contrast, trolls will attempt to publicly humiliate the person they disagree with (on their own platform), attempt to infiltrate their organization (knowing they don’t agree with anything they teach), and/or gossip about them because they are jealous. 

Why do Trolls Hate?

Their negative behavior is due to their empty life which is void of real meaning.  It is important to remember there can never be a void in a human being.  Every place must be filled, the difference lies in what you choose to fill your consciousness with.  When you are busy creating and growing spiritually, you don’t have time to troll someone else.    

These types of negative behaviors are typical of those who suffer with low self-confidence.  They experience social withdrawal because of their own feelings of insignificance.  Therefore, they hide under dummy accounts where they can create a virtual identity permitting them room to freely express themselves.  As the authors of confusion, they find comfort in conflicting situations.  These virtual environments stagnate their spiritual growth leaving them unable to recover from low self-esteem.  However, they are the perfect place to hate on others as they are protected from critical eyes.

These people feed off emotional turmoil which results in critical analyzes over new ideas that normal people would never focus on. Their pessimistic mindsets leave them living a stagnant life, void of any real purpose.  This is unfortunate because the troll experiencing low self-esteem will never engage in the much-needed activities that are vital to their existence.  Their unhealthy mental condition impedes them from making healthy decisions.

Dealing with Internet Trolls

Never invite a troll to a group activity or event. –  Their tendency for social withdrawal and lack of trust prohibits them from adequately engaging in true social activities, so they probably won’t attend.

Never attempt to teach a troll – Their disposition prohibits them from taking full advantage of what our society has to offer them, therefore they are unteachable.  

Leave trolls alone – Their social dealings serve more as torture than as a good source of possible enjoyment.  They are better left alone.

Trolls are harbingers of fear – Trolls with low self-confidence recognize the potentials of what social skills might offer them yet they lack the control that will help them conquer their fears.

Never compliment a troll – Many of us think the immediate cure for low self-confidence is to over compliment these people for ANY contribution they make.  This is the wrong thing to do.  Their over-inflated egos will not allow them to accept compliments.  Compliments only play into their delusion of grandeur, thus encouraging their hateful behavior.  

These trolls have absolutely nothing to offer anyone, yet their beliefs will never falter when it comes to their own capacities. They have convinced themselves that they are capable of doing things they have NEVER done and probably NEVER will do.  Therefore, the effective thing to do is to release them from your presence and force them to deal with themselves.  Eventually, they will realize that the only REAL problem in their lives are themselves.  

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  1. LAUGH! To think of it, this Global system is RUN by \”Trolls\”, and this article is Right-On about all those Trolls.

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