Keto Kills!!

Every twenty years, a new fad diet hits the scene promising its participants rapid weight loss while they chow down on their favorite unhealthy foods.  When I was in college, I too fell victim to these yoyo diets thinking they would help me look and feel great. Today, the new fad is the Keto diet.  Although it promises rapid weight loss while you cram in thousands of calories all day long, it will prove detrimental to your health in the long run. 
There is NOTHING new under the sun.  If you look hard enough, you will discover that everything in our present reality today is a repeat of something that existed long ago.  This is true of the Keto diet fad.  Just like the Keto diet, the Atkins diet promised its participants rapid weight loss if they consumed high protein and low carbohydrates.   Yes, they dropped weight, but they also experienced organ failure as the heavy proteins flooded their system.  As with all things, there must be balance.  Overeating proteins while you skimp on carbs is not recommended for anyone who wants to maintain long-term health.
Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Keto Diet
Just because this diet is popping up on all the major networks, television shows, and in eBooks throughout the internet does not mean that it is the best way to lose and maintain a healthy weight.  As with all products sold by the Establishment, they are trying to utilize the “herd mindset” to sell you on the benefits of an obviously harmful diet plan.  These diets are targeting people who have little self-control by allowing them to eat all they want day and night.  Self-control is a spiritual attribute that all our ancient systems taught. 
It is obvious the meat industry is behind this diet.  As the planetary consciousness is rising, people are consuming less animal products.  Heavy meat consumption slows your vibratory rate to a crawl, thus grounding you in 3D. The Keto diet recommends heavy meat consumption.  Our seas are radiated which is causing harmful mutations to occur in the sea life.  Many of which are washing up dead on our beaches.  The red meat is also harmful to your digestive tract.  As chronic wasting disease and mad cow disease are running rampant, I personally would not recommend any diet high in meats.  Heavy meat consumption can lead to irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation, heart disease, kidney failure, and liver failure.  
These yoyo diets, like Keto, never end well for those who do them long term.  Yes, you may drop a few pounds quickly, but your internal organs need real food to survive.  If you are chowing down on heavy meats and genetically modified foods, you are not giving your body the nutrients it requires to adequately produce healthy cells.  Approximately every 21 days every cell in your body is replaced.  For your body to do this, you must give it proper nutrition by eating a well-balanced organic diet. 
Natural Alternatives to the Keto Diet
One of the most critical decisions you will ever make is the decision to improve your health.  If you truly want to lose weight, there are natural things you can do that have no harmful side effects.  Simple things like replacing a meal with an organic smoothie, periodic juicing, taking super foods, or eating one healthy meal per day will naturally help you reduce your size while you flush out harmful toxins.  Get active by taking a brisk walk.  This activity is easy to do and doesn’t take a great amount of time to complete.  
As you focus on the health benefits of your new lifestyle, you will receive all the motivation you need to make your lifestyle change a permanent regimen.  Your dedication will be rewarded with a longer and happier life.  Your energy level will skyrocket as you do regular exercises and consume a well-balanced diet. 
Not only will you look and feel better, you will also improve your confidence.  High self-confidence will carry you through even the most difficult times of your life.  As you watch the numbers on the scale get lower and your clothes start to fit better and looser, you will enjoy your new lifestyle and love what you are doing for your health.  
Natural Healing is Available for You
Many of the diseases that plague our community such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity can be successfully controlled and eliminated with a few lifestyle changes.  All our Natural Health clients have reported feeling better in a short period of time once they adhered to their treatment plan we prescribed for them.  The right knowledge we provided coupled with their application of the correct modalities was all they needed to put them on the track to obtaining optimum health.   
When you are ready to improve your health, increase your exercise activities, and reduce size to eliminate chronic illnesses, you should consider visiting our health center.  We post helpful tips that will assist you in achieving your weight loss goals.  At this critical time in our planetary history, you don’t want to fall prey to these yoyo diet schemes that are designed to hurt your temple and lower your vibratory rate, thus stopping your ascension.
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