Protect Yourself While the Underworld is Dismantled

Strange events, senseless hate crimes, and disruptive upheavals are occurring daily as mankind’s mental stability is eroding.  This will only increase as the spiritual war that is occurring in the astral plane rages on.  For those of us who belong to the divine bloodlines, it is imperative you learn how to protect yourself and your family members.  Calling on the worldwide approved saviors won’t protect you from destruction.

Our ancestors had many powerful amulets and talisman they used to protect themselves from spiritual and physical attacks.  The eye of Horus also known as Wadjet is a powerful symbol we highly recommend to members of the Golden Race.  The power of this ancient amulet supersedes the borders of time space providing protection in our present-day reality.  The Hieroglyph which depicts the Eye of Horus translates into “He who feeds the Fire and the Human Spirit”.  This is the most powerful protective talisman you could ever learn to use!  

Most people use the Eye of Horus and the Wadjet interchangeably, however Wadjet is in fact another deity.  Both eyes are the personification of the wrath of these Gods.  In some ancient accounts the eye of Ra is the left one representing the Solar forces, and the eye of Horus is the right eye representing the Lunar forces. 

The Eye of Ra represents the magical protective force which defends Ra (and his children) against the disorderly who threaten his rule.  In the same way the Eye of Horus is the personification of Horus’ revenge against Set.  As we are in a spiritual war against Setian beings, we know this amulet will meet our needs in providing adequate protection during their demise.

This Amulet can be Used in:

§  Protection rituals
§  Banishing rituals
§  Exorcisms
§  Blessing Rituals
§  Power Awakening Spells 
§  Amplification of Magical Powers
§  Third Eye Awakening
§  Creating Holy Water
§  Healing Spells and Rituals
§  Removing Evil Eye Spells and Rituals

IDon’t have this Amulet?

If you do not have this powerful amulet, you can purchase one in our online store.  We sell pendants, necklaces, rings, and earrings to ensure you are covered as you navigate the underworld.  We highly recommend that you charge your amulet by using the following incantation from the “Book of the Dead” (Coming Forth by Day):

Let The Eye of Horus be my Protection,
O Osiris, Foremost of the Westerners,
let it spread its protection over me as it did with You,
may no harm come to me and no one can harm me!

Why not use Jesus and his Cross?
The cross is a symbol of death.  Using it opens the door to Setian beings. Our colonized ancestors in America tried invoking its energy during Jim Crow and the Civil rights era, and many of them lost their lives.  In fact, this dead, lifeless symbol invited more villains to burn crosses in their front yard, to burn down their churches and property, and to murder them.  This is why the invaders freely gave it to those they conquered.  It ensured they were left unprotected while they destroyed all who used it.     

As the beastly system is destroyed, returning to the ancient ways of our ancestors is the ONLY way to ensure your safety.
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