The God of Resurrection

I remember sitting in church Sunday after Sunday being reminded of how evil Egypt and their demonic gods were.  How they were so cruel to the Jews (God’s chosen people) and how God had turned his back on them and the seed of Ham for their disobedience and witchcraft practices.  Despite all the fear based tactics our preacher attempted to ingrain in our subconscious minds, our ancestral DNA triggered a true spiritual awakening; and to our amazement, we found real power and our planetary history hidden in the very place Pastor Porkchop warned us to never look… in Egypt.  

“Osiris…was successively god of the Nile, a life-giver, a sun-god, god of justice and love, and finally a resurrected god who ruled in the afterlife…. The most popular legend about Osiris is one of a resurrected god. He was killed by Set, the god of darkness… Osiris was then resurrected and went to live on high. Osiris became the first of a long line of resurrected deities—Tammuz, Mithras, Balder, Christ. Every spring the life of Osiris was re-enacted at Abydos in a stirring passion play, dating back to the eighteenth or nineteenth century before Christ. This play is the earliest record in history of drama.”
Gerald L. Berry, Religions of the World

Since the beginning of time, the great Sun God was revered and worshipped around the world.  This divine being took on different manifestations, depending on the solar aspect, ethnicity, race and other cultural factors of its followers.  In fact, there were many sun gods who went by a variety of names.  Although mankind attempted to hide this from humanity through theft and the intentional destruction of literature and artifacts, there is still a significant amount of information regarding these previous sun gods who predates our present day masculine monotheistic God and his son Jesus Christ. 

Since our DNA led us to ancient KEMET (Egypt) we will focus on the “chief” sun god, Ra.  His qualities were recorded over 7,000 years ago and can be found in the “British Museum Papyrus” Coming Forth by Day (Egyptian Book of the Dead).  Ra is known as “the lord of heaven, the lord of earth, the king of righteousness, the lord of eternity, the prince of everlasting, ruler of all gods, god of life, maker of eternity, creator of heaven.”  If these terms sound familiar, they should, as most of them were later used to describe the modern-day masculine God.  
All the other members of the Egyptian pantheon were forms of Ra, part of the solar family, therefore they shared some of these divine attributes.  A number of these gods were referred to as the “sons of Ra,” regarding whom Kuhn states: “In Egyptian scriptures the twelve sons of Ra (the twelve sons of Jacob, and the twelve tribes of Israel) were called the ‘twelve saviors of the treasure of light.’”

The god we would like to focus on during the Month of April is Ausar/Osiris.  He is a savior who, along with his lunar wife, Auset/Isis, became two of the most powerful gods ever to be engraved into humanity’s consciousness.  All of humanity worshipped this power couple for over a millennia.  They were so widely esteemed in the ancient world that entire cultures were established around them, including a huge amount of art and literature, and massive, magnificent edifices and sanctuaries, etc.  Like today’s supposed apparitions of “Jesus” and the “Virgin Mary,” ancient gods such as Osiris and Isis often appeared to their many followers, centuries and millennia prior to the Christian era.
Ausar/Osiris is an ancient god, whose worship predates Christ by thousands of years.  As time went on, he took on the attributes of countless other gods and became the “king of kings” and “lord of lords,” as he was called in the Egyptian texts.  During the late 18th to early 19th dynasties (c. 1300 bce), Ausar’s epithets included, “the king of eternity, the lord of everlastingness, who traverseth millions of years in the duration of his life, the firstborn son of the womb of Nut, begotten of Geb, the prince of gods and men, the god of gods, the king of kings, the lord of lords, the prince of princes, the governor of the world whose existence is for everlasting.” At Ausar’s birth a voice proclaimed, “The ruler of all the earth is born.”
How Ausar Became Known as “The God of Resurrection”
Ausar’s brother, Set, an evil sibling, was jealous of his brother’s position as king.  He allowed his jealousy to consume him and he plotted to kill him.  Set created a sarcophagus designed especially for Ausar and tricked him into lying in it by offering it as a prize to whoever could fit inside.  After several others tried and failed, Set encouraged Ausar to get inside.  As soon as he laid down, Set closed the lid shut and locked it.  He then had the coffin sealed with lead and threw it into the Nile River.  

Auset/Isis was not present when these events took place, but as soon as she heard what happened, she began her search to find him.  She feared he would not make his way to the Underworld without a proper burial.  Eventually she found him, but in the process, Set discovered what she had done and became angry.  He took Ausar’s body and dismembered him, scattering his body parts across Egypt.  Auset’s search for her husband resumed again.  She found all but one piece of his corpse: his penis.  She fashioned a phallus out of gold and sang a magical song around Ausar which resurrected him.  Ausar was revived long enough to impregnate Auset with Heru, who grew up to destroy Set.  After his resurrection, Ausar died again, this time with a proper burial, and became the King of the Underworld.

Our Easter Group Activity
In April, Christians celebrate Easter, in honor of the resurrection of Christ.  We encourage all members of the Golden Race to celebrate Ausar’s resurrection during this time by planting a small garden in his honor because he is the god of vegetation.  As you plant your seeds and water them, give homage to Ausar and ask that he bless your crops and bring increase to your family and your home. 
For those of you who do not know how to garden, we have created a short home-study course that teaches you how to grow organic foods step by step.  There is NO enrollment fee and NO application fee.  

Contrary to popular belief, our ancestors had a long rich history full of spiritual practices.  If you want truth, you need to look for facts.  Facts are in museums, this is why the exhibits are called artiFACTS.  There are no artifacts of Jesus, Moses, David, Mary, Samuel, Jacob, Esau, Job, etc…  But they are filled with ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) artifacts.   It is time we return to our ancient past and follow truth, not myths and fables given to us by westerners.   

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