Analyzing Your Perception of Life

Take this short quiz to learn more about your mind: 
I would like each of you to take a short quiz. Be open and honest with yourself. Record your answers and then examine your results.
 1) You see someone levitate what do you think? 
 a) they are demon possessed 
 b) they have super abilities 
 2) Your child is walking up the walls what do you do? 
 a) call the priest for an exorcism 
 b) create a superhero costume…he’s spider man! 
 c) whip his little behind for dirtying up your walls
 3) You notice a brother with a stack of money in a briefcase, what do you think? 
 a) he is really successful 
 b) he is dealing drugs 
 4) A black owned business and a white owned business offers you the same service what do you think? 
 a) the white business is better run and will do a better job 
 b) I need to support my own people 
 c) I will use the one with the best reviews 
 5) You see shadow people, what do you do? 
 a) smudge the room 
 b) run like hell and don’t look back 
 c) find out why they are there 
 6) You notice a black man with a crow bar trying to get into a car, what do you think? 
 a) he lost his keys 
 b) he is trying to steal the car 
 7) You find a sack of money in a park, what do you do? 
 a) call the police and turn it in knowing you are doing the right thing 
 b) take it – you have been trying to manifest money for over 6 months 
 8) You see a man holding a sign asking for money and food, what do you think? 
 a) he’s a drug addict 
 b) help him, someone helped you 
 c) ignore him, negative energy travels 
 9) You notice the police beating up a teenager, what do you do? 
 a) record it on your camera phone to post later 
 b) jump in and beat up the cop 
 c) ignore it and pretend it never happened, it doesn’t concern you anyway 
 10) You notice a “conscious” black family living in a wealthy neighborhood, what do you think? 
 a) sellouts 
 b) wonderful – they obviously worked hard for what they have 
Perception Activity Quiz Results 
This activity should be done independently so you can explore your own thought patterns. We want you to be honest with yourself. Like one of our members admitted, many of her answers may have changed in the past few months due to a rise in her conscious awareness. Everything is mental, so the more information we receive, the more our automatic responses will vary. This short quiz was designed to allow you to gain insight into your inner consciousness. 

The most mentally free responses are below:

If you matched 8-10 of these answers, CONGRATULATIONS….. you are mentally free of the matrix.  Your consciousness has escaped the mental programming.  Continue on your spiritual journey. 

If you matched 6-7 of these answers, you are being consciously resurrected.  As you continue to learn new ideas, you will eventually escape the mind-matrix you incarnated into.  

If you matched 4-5 of these answers, you still have a lot to learn about your reality.  I encourage you to become a Golden Race member so we can assist in your spiritual resurrection. 

If you matched 2-3 of these answers, you are still lost in the matrix.  The only way to escape is by seeking right knowledge and over-standing.  Learn to look outside of the box. 

If you matched 0-1 of these answers, you are a fully programmed coon.  Open your mind to experience a more positive reality.   
The picture above is an example of this same mental activity. Some people see a young woman while others see an old crone. What you see is what you get in life. If you noticed that many of your responses were negatively motivated through fear and distrust, then don’t be surprised if you find yourself in situations which will foster this belief system. 
 When I was young, one of my girlfriends would tease me and say “Girl, you always see the good in people even when there is no good there.” That was me, little Miss Rose-colored glasses, but this perception has proven useful for me in many situations I should have been destroyed in. In this new energy, I highly recommend that we all look for the best in EVERY situation. This is why your bibles mentioned that “heaven belongs to the children.” Children are positive and have great imaginations. They rarely see evil until someone programs them to do so. 
YouTube is full of negative stories. For example, many channels are programming everyone to fear CERN as they are potentially opening gateways to demons. I don’t fear demons, instead I see them as ancient trapped spirits finally being freed from bondage. More spirit interaction to me means more knowledge and high magical environments. Its all in your perception. Instead of fearing the unknown, walk boldly into it, knowing it is all a matter of your perspective. Spirits are just like people, if you fear them and treat them badly they will react in a like manner. If you treat them with kindness and understanding, they will become your best friend. Many of them love to chat, and trust me, they have a lot to say and to teach. 
We will do more exercises in the near future to assist you in analyzing your consciousness. 
 Thank you for your participation.

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  1. Woowww mind blowing(in my results 😁..but AWESOME)))).. I've been told \”I don't never see wrong in people as well\”

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