Your Ingrained Map to Life

The first cultural graffiti, your hand prints, are the original markings of individuation. These iconic markings symbolize your individual existence.  It makes the most rarefied statement, ‘I have been here!’ All those lines are part of a larger map that tells your unique story which is a wealth of valuable and useful information.
Hand impressions have been considered by many cultures as our personal identity, our unique mark, and the impression of who we are.  Even in our present-day reality, we are innately moved to leave our mark on reality.  These can be seen in clay trinkets from kindergarten, as graffiti on city walls, and in ancient caves around the world.
This ancient science was even recorded in your bible in the following scriptures:
Proverbs: 3; 16 ‘length of days is in her right hand; and in her left-hand riches and honor.’
Job: 37; 7 ‘He sealeth up the hand of every man; that all men may know his work.’
Each line is a defining aspect of your character, your basic instinctive nature, and how likely you are to respond to situations that arise in your life.  Your hand prints are unique, as they contain distinguishing markings!  Modern scientific methods of HAND ANALYSIS combined with ANCIENT WISDOM of PALM READING from around the world will assist you in validating your character traits as you gain insight into your life. 
Palmistry Analyses:
YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE ~ Why you incarnated.  Your highest potentials and most likely areas of success.

YOUR LIFE’S LESSON ~ What you’re here to LEARN.  It identifies repeating life challenges.

YOUR WORLDVIEW ~ Hand Analysis is a wonderful tool that can help you fully understand yourself and the way you relate to the world and the people in it.
Scientific research has proven that the lines etched in your palms have a direct connection to your neurological functioning which results in your primary thought patterns.  These neural pathways connect to nerves in the hands that physically etch the lines.  
 Want to Learn More?
We now offer a short home study course that teaches you:
The main lines
What the lines mean
The quality of the lines
Points of the hands
Line interpretation
How to do a palm reading
and Much More!!
There is NO enrollment fee and NO application fee.  In just a few days, you can gain more insight into your life and others around you.  
For those who would like a more in-depth study, we are adding a 7-week course to our Mystery School.   This course will assist those who desire to offer palm readings to others for a fee.  
I highly recommend that you take at least one of these courses as this ancient knowledge can change your life.
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