Divine Resurrection: Kundalini Rising

As a child raised in a Christian family, I have vivid memories of getting ready for one of the most important holidays of the year, Easter Sunday.  My mother would buy us beautiful dresses, new shoes, and a purse to wear.  I would stay up the weekend before having my hair pressed out and curled.  We dyed Easter eggs and had baskets stuffed with goodies, which I couldn’t wait to indulge in after church.  Everyone showed up in their Sunday’s best expecting our preacher’s well-prepared sermon for the big day.  We always arrived early to ensure we’d get a seat in the crowded building as members who hadn’t attended all year would show up on this day.  As lovely as the fellowship was, it is unfortunate the members were completely unaware of the spiritual resurrection that was supposed to occur within themselves.
What is a spiritual resurrection?
The spiritual resurrection is often referred to as a great realization; as it is a divine state of enlightenment. Few have fully experienced it, however those who were fortunate enough to have been changed forever!  The resurrected one becomes a new creature as their old habits and thoughts fade from their consciousness.  Some spiritual disciplines offer guidelines to assist you in reaching this divine state of full awareness and enlightenment.  However, some believe this awakening only happens as an unplanned and unexpected phenomenon as it is a deep and often philosophical experience where man realizes his own true nature and maintains a balanced life relative to his environment.
Our resurrection occurred when we desired a deeper walk with God.  We asked for a 100-fold walk and ended up unlocking a door to our subconscious minds that will never be closed again.  Your awakening may be initiated by other means.   Depending on your line of thought, the approach, and the book you’re reading or the teacher you’re following your spiritual awakening may vary. Some require complicated steps while others just require several kinds of meditations and the awakening they are seeking will eventually occur.  Most require guidance to trigger their resurrection.  May it be specific steps or generic principles, people with prior knowledge find it easier to reach a state of spiritual enlightenment.
How should you begin?
Start by preparing your mind by entertaining the possibility of your own divinity.  Whether you believe in a step-by-step process or you only accept the fact the spiritual awakening happens in a natural and more spontaneous way, preparing yourself brings you closer to your goal.  How? Believing truthfully that there is more to this reality than meets the eye is something you should begin to ponder. Analyze yourself and acknowledge your shortcomings, problems, and ability to change your life.  Next determine how your thoughts relate to your life situations and your environment.
As you discover more about yourself, take the time to understand our reality.  Place yourself in the world you live in and see how you relate to it given all the things you’ve learned about yourself. Attaining an awakened or enlightened spirit comes from understanding the world and how you react to it and how you can impact it.  Learn to think outside of the box and weigh all possibilities, not just the ideas the masses accept as true.
Then you should learn the process of healing.  Once issues and problems have been clearly identified, find the path of healing not only focusing on healing yourself but also promoting healing to others. This is an important aspect of reaching an awakened or enlightened state.  Finally, seek to achieve balance.  Balance in both the physical and spirit bodies are ideal.  You are more than just a physical body; you are a living soul.  Your soul is eternal; therefore, all your actions, thoughts, and ideas should be based on the infinite not the finite.  Finite thinking will keep you trapped in the illusion.   This is why Christians are taught that Christ rose from the dead and ascended into the heavens.   His consciousness rose from the root chakra to the crown and he experienced bliss. 
kundalini rising easter webinar
We are hosting our own Easter Live Chat Webinar entitled, “Kundalini Rising.”  Our participants will learn about the ancient Christ energies that can be resurrected in themselves.  If you are not a member and would like to take part, you can purchase a one-time pass in our online store.  We will teach the mysteries behind the Christ metaphor so you too can be resurrected to the God-head.  This is one Easter service you can’t afford to miss! 
The steps presented in this article are just the beginning of a grand potentiality that all members of the Golden Race can experience.  The planet is experiencing her own resurrection and as a result all of her children are awakening in consciousness.  Once this divine plan is fulfilled, many who are now asleep will discover that the ancient Easter ritual they faithfully attended was a celebration of their own Christ consciousness that was predicted to rise within themselves.
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