The Lost Knowledge of Crystal Healing

“And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”  Luke 19:40 
 Stones “crying,” does that make any sense to you?  It would if you understood the science of crystals and their hidden properties.   If you are unfamiliar with these precious gems, we highly recommend you continue reading.
Everything on this realm has consciousness because we live in a mind-matrix reality.  Our ancestors referred to this form of energy as spirit forces.  So, even your rock formations such as crystals possess reserved radiated energy.  Worldwide, from Africa to the Americas, our ancestors intuitively identified the power of crystals. They incorporated these precious stones into their daily lives, using them in rituals, for medicine, and in divination.  
They used crystals to release physical, mental, and spiritual blockages.  When you place them on various parts of your body, they can reconnect you to the healing energies of the planet.  The scripture written above reflects this ancient knowledge that there is a connection between crystals and humans. Like humans, each crystal has different properties and energies.  Therefore, you can use crystal energies for healing as each one has a specific resonance that can heal and bring your body back into balance.
This ancient knowledge was lost during western colonization and has just recently been reintroduced into the western planetary consciousness with the “new age” movement.  The incredible healing properties of crystals and gemstones has led to a resurrection of ancient Crystal healing.
What is Crystal Healing?
Crystal healing is a form of natural healing that uses crystals or gemstones primarily by placing them on specific energetic centers of the body called “chakras.”  In Hindu, Chakra means spiritual energy.  According to this ancient teaching there are seven basic energy centers in the body.  Each center has a specific color associated with it.  By placing a crystal that has a corresponding color on the body’s energetic center, it enhances the person’s energy flow.  This occurs because crystals can direct the flow of energy in a person to a specific part of the body, thus bringing homeostasis.  
 Crystals can also be used to cleanse a person’s aura from bad or negative energy which is believed to cause an illness.  By removing the negative spiritual energy, it eases the ailment.  We can use crystals for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.  In fact, many people visit “crystal healers.”  Professional nurses are being trained to use crystals to aid their patients.  Crystal healing is a modality we encourage every member of the Golden Race to incorporate into their normal health practices.   It is safer than prescription drugs and has no known side effects. 
To ensure all our members have access to this ancient knowledge we have added a short Crystal Healing home-study course to our Mystery School
This course will teach you:
The Identifying properties of crystals
How crystals function
How to interface their energies with your body
How to charge your crystals
How to program your crystals
How to care for your crystals
Healing techniques
and Much More!!
There is NO enrollment fee and NO application to complete.  Purchase your course and start learning today!  Members receive a discount on all our products purchased in our online store.   
Crystal healing is very easy to learn and to use.  Don’t delay, learn more today!
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