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We live in an elaborate mental construct that is filled with energetic forces.  Learning how to tap into our planetary ancient reservoir of information can yield amazing results in your life.  Prior to modern day technology, divining was the way our ancestors accessed this information. If you are interested in learning more about this ancient technique, continue reading.
What is Dowsing?
If you have a question, and are unsure of the answer, dowsing can be used.  Prior to modern day technology, our ancestors would locate underground water reserves by dowsing.  Knowing exactly where to dig a well required more than just guessing or using the rational mind.  Instead they used dowsing, an intuitive method that gave them precise locations.  With over a 90% success rate our water dowsers had astounding accuracy.  
Besides just locating underground water and natural resources dowsing can also be used to obtain answers for literally ANY question you may have.  When you dowse, you tap into your subconscious mind and spirit forces who can assist you in obtaining the answers you seek.  
How Does Dowsing Work?
Dowsing employs the use of tools that act as indicators to your “yes” or “no” questions.  It is easy to do and can be performed by anyone who has an intent to learn.  You start by asking a question in your mind.  The tools will respond to show the answer. 
The most common dowsing tools are the pendulum and the L-shaped rod.   There is nothing magical about either tool.  They are simply indicators that interact with your subconscious mind.  
It Can’t Be That Easy?  Can it? 
There is a science to how and why dowsing works.  If you are interested in learning more, I highly recommend our short home study course entitled, “The Ancient Art of Divination: Dowsing for Beginners.”  In this course you will learn: 
What dowsing is and how to do it
More about dowsing tools 
How to use the tools correctly
Why and how dowsing works
How to work with earth’s energies
Ancient sites and their energies
and Much More…
There is NO enrollment fee and NO application to complete



Often, when you ask a really good question, and receive an answer, it stimulates more questions in your mind.  Every question has an answer and searching for them will begin a unique spiritual journey.  This is the nature of life and dowsing is truly a natural journey.  Those who embark on this journey will forever be changed. 

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